Icon New Incident Reports for 2.05

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.05. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14411TPagePanel Still Shows Tabs When TabsVisible Property is FalseNo
14412TControl Updates Not Being Flushed to DOM Elements During Form OnCreate ExecutionNo
14413Portions of TButton Control Not ClickableNo
14414Example Data Not Included with InstallationsNo
24416OnShow Events Improperly Firing for Components on Forms During Form LoadingNo
34417TMap Control Not Initializing Map Support ProperlyNo
44438THTMLForm Component Not Triggering OnLoad EventNo
44445Composition Input for Chinese Text Does Not Result in Data-Aware Control Properly Triggering EditsNo
44446Tabbing In and Out of Parented Forms Does Not Work CorrectlyNo
44447Creating a New DataSet After Deleting a DataSet with the Same Name Fails in the Database ManagerYes
44453Inherited Form Creation Can Cause a TypeError at RuntimeNo
44454OnShow Event Not Firing at Runtime when a TGrid Control is Present on a Form InstanceNo
44455Installing a Form as Component in the Component Library Can Cause AVs During IDE StartupNo
44456TDataSet LoadRows Method Causes Exception when Append Parameter is True and DataSet is EmptyNo
44457TDataSet OnRowChanged Event Not Firing When Navigating in the TGrid Control in Edit ModeNo
44459Database Import Not Working Properly with Named Instances of the Web ServerNo
44460Constant Array Declarations Can Result in Incorrect Compiler ErrorsNo
44461Closing a Modal Form in Internet Explorer Can Cause a Stack Overflow at RuntimeNo
44465Authorized IP Addresses Not Being Used Properly by the Web ServerNo
44466TListBox Not Updating Control Interface State Properly for Multi-Selected ItemsNo
44467Enumerated Type Members with Same Names as Other Symbols Cause Incorrect Compiler ErrorYes
44468Creating an Auto-Create Form Dynamically in an Application Can Cause the Auto-Create Form to CloseYes
44469OnRowChanged Not Firing When Row Values Updated in Response to Bound DataSet Preparing to Save RowNo
44470TEWBDatabaseAdapter Commit Method Causing Access ViolationNo
44471Read-Only Bound Controls Still Allowing Edit OperationsNo
44472Cross-Origin OPTIONS Requests Not Being Handled Properly by Web ServerNo
44473TServerRequest Parameters are Not Being Escaped Properly Before Being SentNo
44474Message and Progress Dialogs Not Taking into Account Viewport Scrolling When ShownNo
44476TPaint Canvas Element Not Resetting Font Size Properly when Control ResizesNo
44477Repeating Controls Not Turning Off Repeating Timer When Mouse Leaves the Bounds of the ControlNo
44483StrToTime Procedure Not Handling 12-Hour Time Values CorrectlyNo

Minor Problems

14415Master-Detail Database Example Project Missing the Database Definition FileNo
34418Trying to Show the Messages Panel with an Active Find In Units Search Causes Error in the IDENo
44432TFileComboBox OnChange Event Not Firing Properly in ChromeNo
44442TPagePanel Control Interface Leaves Top Border When TabsVisible Property is FalseNo
44443Cannot Set Current Date as SelectedDate Property of TDateEditComboBox ControlYes
44444Leading Spaces Before Header Values Not Trimmed in TServerRequest ResponseHeaders PropertyYes
44448TPagePanel Page Navigation Bar Not Updating Properly When TabsVisible=FalseNo
44449Compiler Allows the Use of Dec/Inc Procedures As FunctionsYes
44450Compiler Allows Duplicate Enumeration Members in Enumeration Type DeclarationYes
44451List Index Out of Bounds Error When Using the Line Deletion Shortcut Keys in the Code EditorNo
44452TButton Caption Font Size Changes Not Reflected in Control ProperlyNo
44458TSizer Layout Property Not Saved When Modified in the Form DesignerYes
44462Non-Visual Projects Experiencing Compiler Error about Icon FontNo
44463BeginUpdate and EndUpdate Not Having Any Effect on Updates to the URL of TImage ControlsNo
44464TTab Control Interface Incorrectly Overriding Caption Font Color Settings in the Form DesignerNo
44475Binding TRadioButton Instances to Boolean TDataSet Columns Results in Runtime ErrorNo
44484Setting TCanvasElement ShadowColor Property to clBlack Results in No ShadowYes