Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 3.01

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 3.01. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14805Desktop TDialog Control Interface Not Working Correctly with Sizable Property Set to TrueNo
14807Cancelling a Row Insert in a Bound Grid Does Not Work ProperlyNo
14811Native Server Module Execution Not Handling RESTful Paths ProperlyNo
14812TDateEditComboBox Control Not Handling Date Selection ProperlyNo
14813Setting the RowCount Property for Un-bound TGrid Instances Does Not Create the Underlying RowsNo
14815Variant Class Variable Declarations Result in Incorrect JavaScript Code for InitializationNo
14816XOR Operations with Constant Expressions Resolved as OR Operations in CompilerNo
14817Redirect to Secure Web Server Option Not Setting Redirect Location ProperlyNo
14819Sorted TListBox Controls Not Refreshing Properly When List Items UpdatedYes
14820Submitting a THTMLForm Using a TServerRequest Component Does Not WorkYes
14821HTTP Client Functionality Not Handling Chunked HTTP Responses ProperlyNo
24824Calling the TServerSession HasPrivilege Method Results in ErrorNo
24836Files in the Web Server with Timestamps that Fall into DST Gaps Can Cause Server ErrorNo
24837TRadioButton Control Not Working Properly with THTMLForm SubmittalsNo
24839Referencing the TDataColumn OldValue Property Can Cause an ErrorNo
24840TMenu Exhibiting Focus and Selection IssuesNo
24841Calling the TDataSet Find Method with the NearestMatch Parameter Set to True Results in ErrorNo
24842Loading Server Information from Web Server Using Large Chunked Response Size Can Cause ErrorNo
34844Clearing a Column During an Insert or Update Causes a Commit Error in a Server ApplicationNo
44848Adding an External File to a Project Does Not Work for External Files with Relative PathsNo
44850Time() Function Not Returning the Correct Values in Client Browser ApplicationsNo

Minor Problems

14814Turning Off the "Allow the Cursor in Trailing White Space" Setting Prevents Leading SpacesYes
14818Increment/Decrement Operations Not Being Handled Properly in the Compiler for Initialization HintsNo
24838References in Try/Finally Blocks Can Result in Incorrect Compiler Initialization WarningsNo
34849Cannot Use the Free Method with External JS Class InstancesNo