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Serious Serious
Reported By: Philip Reddish
Reported On: 4/8/2021
For: Version 3.00 Build 1
# 4821 HTTP Client Functionality Not Handling Chunked HTTP Responses Properly

I have been developing a set of php scripts to the specifications laid out in your EWB3 API for database queries, to create a connection between mysql and EWB3. I can add/edit/delete databases/datasets/dataset commands via the IDE. I can use the generated commands at runtime without issue, and generally everything works well when the scale is kept small.

The issue that I have run into is that once the json string surpasses a certain size the IDE crashes when trying to load the server information. At the bottom of the IDE the status reads "Refreshing server_name", and the IDE eventually gets labelled as "non-responding" by windows and I have to forcibly exit the IDE via task manager. I can load the json quickly and easily via a web browser so I don't think latency is a factor.

I should also note that despite the IDE crashing when trying to load the server information, web applications that are already compiled and deployed can query the datasets successfully.

Comments Comments
The EWB HTTP client (in the IDE) had a couple of issues:

1) The databases JSON content was being sent back as a chunked HTTP response, but the EWB HTTP client was not allocating a large enough chunk buffer and then doing itself the disservice of not issuing a proper exception in such a case. The chunk buffer size was increased to 1MB and the exception handling was fixed.

2) Even after fixing 1), there was still an issue with how the chunked buffer response handling worked in the EWB HTTP client, and that was also fixed.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/12/2021 in version 3.01 build 1

Products Affected Products Affected
Elevate Web Builder
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