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Serious Serious
Reported By: Sergei Safar
Reported On: 4/8/2021
For: Version 3.01 Build 1
# 4837 TRadioButton Control Not Working Properly with THTMLForm Submittals

File / New Form;

Drop THTMLForm and inside it:

Drop a TRadioButton and set ValueSelected = 5 and SelectionState = ssSelected;

Drop another TRadioButton and set ValueSelected = 10 and SelectionState = ssUnselected;

Drop a TButton and set the OnClick event with HTMLForm.SubmitForm;

Run and do not check any RadioButton and then click Submit button;

At the backend (PHP/Apache) the values received for all the RadioButtons are always blank when you do not click any radio button;

Now click on the first RadioButton and then submit: the value 5 reaches the backend.

Now click on the second RadioButton (Selected), so the first RadioButton now is unselected and and then submit: you get both values, 5 and 10 at the back end.

I don't know, at the backend side, which RadioButtob was selected.

Comments Comments
There was a couple of issues:

1) The radio buttons were using independent HTML input values for the HTML forms when they should have been sharing the same one.

2) The HTML input name was not getting updated when a radio button was selected.

3) Both the TCheckBox and TRadioButton controls had incorrect published property declaration orders, which is what caused the HTML input value to be 0 when it should have been set to the proper ValueSelected property during form initialization.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 5/4/2021 in version 3.01 build 2

Products Affected Products Affected
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