Icon New Incident Reports for 1.01

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.01. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13663Assigning Values to Cells in Un-Bound TGrid Component Does NothingNo
23691ADO DataSets Based Upon Queries on Large Tables Causes Long Delay When Opening DataSetNo
23692Compiler Generates Incorrect Code for Array of Class Instances Index ReferenceNo
23693Setting the Tag Property of a Component to a Value Other than 0 Causes Form Designer IssuesYes
23694Try..Except Blocks in Case Condition Blocks Causes Incorrect Compiler Code GenerationNo
23696StrToDate Returning Incorrect ResultsNo
23697Mouse Events Not Returning Correct Control-Oriented CoordinatesNo
23698File Associations Not Working for Source Units/Projects and ThemesNo
23701Using Sub-Folders Under Content Folder for Applications Using DataSets Causes Load ErrorYes
23702Grid Editor Not Positioning Properly in Certain CasesNo
23703Custom Web Module Content Being Cached by the Web Browser and Cache-Control Headers Don't WorkNo
23704Web Server Not Serving Up Custom BLOB DataSet Content ProperlyNo
33705Both Local Web Server in IDE and External Web Server Can Experience Commit Error for DataSetsNo
43707Form Event Handlers Not Being Created Properly in the IDE at Design-TimeNo
43712TGrid Columns Clear Method Does Not Clear ColumnsNo
43713Right-Justified Labels Not Displaying Properly at RuntimeNo
43714Project Names that Correspond to Identifiers in the Project Cause Errors When CompressedYes
43715Undefined Errors Can Occur in Certain BrowsersNo
43716Local Web Server and EWB Web Server Not Sending File Responses CorrectlyNo
43717TImage with Stretch Property Set to True at Design-Time Do Not Display CorrectlyYes
43719Compiler Not Emitting the Proper Finalization Order for UnitsNo
43720TGrid Component Shows Blank Space When ShowColumnHeaders Property is FalseNo
53727Form Submittal Element Names Aren't Being Isolated by their Containing FormsNo
53759TWindow setTimeout Method Declared Incorrectly in the WebDOM UnitYes
53769Panels Using Incorrect Form Theme PartsNo
53770OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave Events Not Firing Properly for the TPanel ControlNo
53772Hidden Columns in TGrid Cause Runtime ErrorNo
53779Cookie Expires Attribute Not Being Handled Properly by the Web ServerYes
53780JSON Boolean Values Are Incorrectly Being Sent as True and False Instead of true and falseNo
53781Changing the TCombobox ItemIndex Property Does Not Change the Text ValueNo
53784IDE Not Clearing Event Properties for Shared Event Handlers When Event Handler is Deleted in CodeNo
53785FTP Deployment Functionality Not Using Passive ModeNo
53786FormatSettings ShortTimeFormat Property Not Being Set ProperlyNo
53787Directly Calling an Event Handler with No Parameters Causes Compiler Access ViolationNo
53788Single-Column Primary Keys in ADO DataSet Base Tables Can Cause Error During CommitsNo
53793Compiler Allows the Same Procedure to be Implemented Twice in the Same UnitNo
53794TFormatSettings LongDayNames and LongMonthNames Properties Using Incorrect Array IndexesNo
53795Committing a Transaction with Updates Against a Table with BLOB Columns Causes ErrorNo
53796Freeing a TRadioButton on a Form Can Cause an ErrorNo

Minor Problems

23679Changes to the Project Source Not Being Reflected in the Project Options Dialog ProperlyYes
23689No Way to Add Table Passwords for Encrypted Tables in DataSet ManagerNo
23690Using a Port Other than 80 for the Local Web Server Does Not WorkYes
23695Right-Justified Edit Controls Cause Caret to Disappear in Internet ExplorerNo
23699Cross Origin Requests Not Being Handled Properly by the Web Server for DataSets and Static ContentNo
23700OnRowChanged Event Firing in Incorrect States for Find OperationsNo
43711OnClick and OnDblClick Events Not Firing Properly in TGrid ComponentNo
43718Changing the Cursor for a Form Does Not Change the Cursor Properly for All Child ControlsNo
53773Compiler Allowing Enumerated Type PrefixesYes
53783Text Selection Incorrectly Expanded When New Event Handlers Created in the Code EditorNo
53790Cannot Set the Focus to a Specific Control in the OnShow Event Handler for a FormNo
53792Hot State for TButton Controls Does not Override the Focused StateNo
53797Component Names Can Be Incorrectly Removed in the IDEYes
53799Transparent Controls Lose Their Transparency When Parent Color Changed and ParentColor=TrueNo
53800TComboBox Not Allowing for Proper Editing When AllowEdit=TrueNo
53801Certain Dates Are Being Altered When Saved to a DataSet Using a TransactionNo
53802Cannot Change the Item Text in a TListBoxNo