Icon New Incident Reports for 1.03

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.03. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13973Command-Line Compiler Not Working Properly with Framework Paths Containing SpacesNo
13974Hiding and Showing a TGrid Column Causes Column Painting/Cell Text IssuesNo
13975The TStringList LineSeparator Property is Incorrectly Set to CRLF Instead of Just LFNo
13978Compiler Issuing Error for String Array Property Character Index ReferenceYes
13979Freeing a Grid that Contains a Read-Only Column Can Cause an "Column Index out of bounds" ErrorNo
13980Assigning a Value to a Hidden TGrid Column Causes Runtime ErrorNo
13981Elevate Web Builder Module Template Project Not Properly Installed in Delphi XE5No
14092Commit Operation Fails When Updated DataSet Contains Generated (Read-Only) ColumnsNo
23983Hiding and Showing More than One Column in a Grid Causes Display/Column IssuesYes
23984Cannot Properly Select an Item in a TComboBox Control After Deleting Selected TextNo
33986Dataset Load Problem Due to German Boolean Literal in JSONNo
33987POST Requests Not Being Routed to Modules Properly in EWB Web ServerNo
44012TDataSet GetColumns Method Returning Invalid JSONNo
44030TGrid Can Experience Column Out of Bounds Error During DestructionNo
44031ADO DataSets Using the SQL Server ODBC Driver with Azure Instance Not Working CorrectlyNo
44033Listbox Selection Not Working Correctly in ChromeNo
54053Datasets Defined for ElevateDB and DBISAM Queries Not Loading Images ProperlyNo
54054Controls Not Properly Allowing FocusNo
64055ComboBox ListBox Not Working Properly with Mouse When Embedded in a Grid.No
64057StrToTime Not Converting 12:00PM Time CorrectlyNo
74061TMemo Control Not Handling Key ProperlyNo
74063Languages Requiring Composed Characters Not Firing Keypress Events ProperlyNo
74088Finding a Row in a DataSet Using a DateTime Column Does Not Work ProperlyNo
74089SQLTimestamp Field Type Not Working with TEWBDataSetAdapter ComponentNo
74090Deploying an Application via FTP with a Blank Destination Path Can Cause AVYes
74091Login Prompt Being Displayed in Elevate Web Builder Web ServerNo
74093TParser Component Cannot Parse Negative Exponents ProperlyNo
74130Negative Numbers Not Working as Default Parameters Values for Query-Based DataSetsNo

Minor Problems

13972IDE Menu Not Drawing Properly Under Non-Themed Windows (Classic)No
13977Elevate Web Builder PDF Manual Text TruncatedNo
23982Hiding and Showing Columns Causes Display Issues with Sort Direction Arrows in Column HeadersNo
33988Auto-Sized Images Not Saving their Design-Time Width/Height ProperlyNo
44013Defining Variables in Undefined Scope of Class Causes Invalid Emitted Javascript CodeYes
44028Control Animation Not Possible in All DirectionsNo
54052Closing a Hidden Form Results in OnClose Event Not Being FiredNo
64056WebDOM Unit Contains Incorrect Extra External Keyword in Interface SectionNo