Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.06

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.06. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14438THTMLForm Component Not Triggering OnLoad EventNo
14445Composition Input for Chinese Text Does Not Result in Data-Aware Control Properly Triggering EditsNo
14446Tabbing In and Out of Parented Forms Does Not Work CorrectlyNo
14447Creating a New DataSet After Deleting a DataSet with the Same Name Fails in the Database ManagerYes
14453Inherited Form Creation Can Cause a TypeError at RuntimeNo
14454OnShow Event Not Firing at Runtime when a TGrid Control is Present on a Form InstanceNo
14455Installing a Form as Component in the Component Library Can Cause AVs During IDE StartupNo
14456TDataSet LoadRows Method Causes Exception when Append Parameter is True and DataSet is EmptyNo
14457TDataSet OnRowChanged Event Not Firing When Navigating in the TGrid Control in Edit ModeNo
14459Database Import Not Working Properly with Named Instances of the Web ServerNo
14460Constant Array Declarations Can Result in Incorrect Compiler ErrorsNo
14461Closing a Modal Form in Internet Explorer Can Cause a Stack Overflow at RuntimeNo
14465Authorized IP Addresses Not Being Used Properly by the Web ServerNo
14466TListBox Not Updating Control Interface State Properly for Multi-Selected ItemsNo
14467Enumerated Type Members with Same Names as Other Symbols Cause Incorrect Compiler ErrorYes
14468Creating an Auto-Create Form Dynamically in an Application Can Cause the Auto-Create Form to CloseYes
14469OnRowChanged Not Firing When Row Values Updated in Response to Bound DataSet Preparing to Save RowNo
14470TEWBDatabaseAdapter Commit Method Causing Access ViolationNo
14471Read-Only Bound Controls Still Allowing Edit OperationsNo
14472Cross-Origin OPTIONS Requests Not Being Handled Properly by Web ServerNo
14473TServerRequest Parameters are Not Being Escaped Properly Before Being SentNo
14474Message and Progress Dialogs Not Taking into Account Viewport Scrolling When ShownNo
14476TPaint Canvas Element Not Resetting Font Size Properly when Control ResizesNo
14477Repeating Controls Not Turning Off Repeating Timer When Mouse Leaves the Bounds of the ControlNo
14483StrToTime Procedure Not Handling 12-Hour Time Values CorrectlyNo
24509Loading a Form Containing a TScrollPanel with Small Dimensions Can Cause IDE LockupNo
24511THTMLLabel Control Does Not Allow MouseWheel ScrollingNo
24515TGrid Control Leaving Cell Selections Visible When Touch ScrollingNo
24516TGrid DeleteRow Method Causes Error When Grid is Unbound and AlwaysShowControls is TrueNo
24517TEdit Controls with InputType Set to itEmail Cause Error When Focused on MobileNo
24518ADO Connections Can Experience Fatal Errors in the EWB Web ServerNo
24520Including Quote Character in the Application Title Causes Invalid String to Be Included in SourceNo
24521Hiding the Currently-Focused Item Before a TMenu Control Is Shown Causes ErrorNo
24522Issues with Emitted JavaScript Code with Certain Complex Unit DependenciesNo
24523Web Server Not Handling Certain Unicode Characters Properly when Decoding/Encoding as URL ValuesNo
34532Deleting a Database in the Database Manager Does Not Delete the Contained DataSets ProperlyNo
34533Input Controls Lose Cursor When Application Run in FirefoxNo
34535Removing a Unit from a Project via the Project Manager Doesn't Work if Unit ClosedYes
44538Touch Events Not Firing on iPhone/iOS DevicesNo
44541Output of LogOutput Calls Not Appearing Properly in the IDE Messages ViewNo
54548Popup Menus on Modal Dialogs/Forms Are Displaying Behind the Top-Most Dialog/FormNo
54555DEFINE Compiler Directives Not Being Handled Correctly Within Other IFDEF Compiler DirectivesNo
54556Leaving the Collection Editor Open in the IDE Can Cause Incorrect Event NamesYes
54558Creating and Loading a Form at Run-Time Can Cause Existing Forms to Experience Property ResetsNo
64570Compiler Not Resolving Function Reference Properly When Overloaded Function Declared After ReferenceYes
64571Invalid Typecasts Not Causing Compilation ErrorYes
64572TDataColumn OnGetText Event Handler is Triggered at Inappropriate TimesYes
64573Calling the TEWBServerRequest ComputeHash Method Twice Causes Corrupted or Blank Data to Be ReturnedNo
74567Problems with Inertia Scrolling When Switching Between ScrollBars and Touch ScrollingNo
74578The TEditControl SelectionStart/SelectionEnd Properties are Documented IncorrectlyNo
84581TServerRequestQueue Requests Not Returning Correct Response Headers in IOS 11 SafariNo
94583Drop-Down List Controls Containing a Blank Item Can Experience Clearing of Selected ValueNo
104588Changing TButtonComboBox Sorted Property to True at Design-Time Causes Internal ErrorNo
104589Clicking on an Item with an Attached Sub-Menu in a Menu Does NothingNo
114595Emitted Javascript for Virtual and Overridden Methods Depending Upon Uses Clause OrderingNo
114596Compiler Cannot Compile Multi-Dimensional Array Initialization Using SetLengthNo
114597Web Server Database Module Example Project Experiences ElevateDB Property Error When LoadedNo
114598Adding Web Server Modules via the IDE or Web Server Configuration Results in Incorrect .INI EntryNo
114599Emitted JavaScript Initialization/Finalization Identifiers Can Conflict with Existing FunctionsYes
114600Compiler Allows Access to Instance Variables/Methods/Properties from Class MethodsNo
114601Custom Components that Try to Set the Length of a Character Value Experience Design-Time ErrorNo
124612TEWBDataSetAdapter does not Include Support for the ftFMTBCD Field TypeNo
124624Compiler Not Allowing Scoped Instance Member Access from within Class MethodsNo
124625TPanel ScrollBars Not Appearing ProperlyNo
124627TGridColumn with ControlType set to ctHTML and Wrap Property set to True Not Displaying ProperlyNo
124628Including an Implementation-Only Function with the Same Name as a Class Method Causes Compile ErrorNo
124629Assigning to the FormatSettings ShortDateFormat Property During Initialization Causes Design ErrorNo
124631Removal of TEdit Active Selection Not Working Correctly when Navigating to Other ControlsNo
124634Passing Function References as Parameters Can Result in Invalid Compiler ErrorsYes
124635TimeToStr and StrToTime Functions Not Handling 12 AM and PM Values ProperlyNo
124636Unary Operators Can Cause Incorrect JavaScript to be Emitted When Combined with Binary OperatorsYes
124637DataSets Not Handling Daylight Savings Time Properly for Date/Times in the PastNo
134642EWB Web Server Does Not Include the Proper Version InformationNo
134643Assigned Function Not Returning Correct Results in Boolean ExpressionsNo
134644Using the Mouse Wheel to Scroll List Controls Causes the Browser Viewport to ScrollNo
134645TwoDigitCenturyWindow Date Format Setting Not Being Used Properly with Two-Digit YearsNo
144646Data-Bound Controls Not Loading Data Properly after DataSet is LoadedNo
154648Exceptions Can Be Raised when Loading Forms that Contain Grids that Reference Non-Existent ColumnsNo
154649Using Characters for Default Values for Arrays of Strings Can Cause Incorrect Compiler ErrorsYes
154651Changing the THTMLForm Encoding Property Does Not Change the Actual Form Data EncodingNo
154652Assignments to the TCalendar and TDateEditComboBox Text Properties Resulting in Incorrect DatesNo
154653Updating the Background Image SizeType or RepeatStyle Properties Does Not Work with Image DataNo
154655Time Values Not Sorting Correctly when New Row Inserted into TDataSet InstanceNo
164663DBISAM DataSet SQL that Contains LIKE Wilcard Conditions with ANDs Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
174668Storing BCD Values in DBISAM DataSet Fields Results in Improper Rounding/StorageNo
174669Date/Times Not Being Localized Properly During DataSet Load OperationsNo
184670Dates Still Not Being Localized CorrectlyNo
184671Intrinsic Data Conversion Functions Throwing Strings Instead of Objects for ExceptionsNo
194689Using Non-Idempotent Function Calls in Case Statements Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
194700Changing Project Output Path to Relative Path Beneath Project Root Directory Causes 404 Error in IDEYes
194701Using External Fonts Can Cause AutoSizing Issues During Loading/Initial Display of ApplicationNo
194702iOS 12 Scrolling Not Working Correctly Due to Default Passive Events Implementation on SafariNo
194705Calling the Random Function with Parameter Values of 0 Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
194706Using a Custom Port for an External Web Server Incorrectly Forces HTTP ProtocolNo

Minor Problems

14432TFileComboBox OnChange Event Not Firing Properly in ChromeNo
14442TPagePanel Control Interface Leaves Top Border When TabsVisible Property is FalseNo
14443Cannot Set Current Date as SelectedDate Property of TDateEditComboBox ControlYes
14444Leading Spaces Before Header Values Not Trimmed in TServerRequest ResponseHeaders PropertyYes
14448TPagePanel Page Navigation Bar Not Updating Properly When TabsVisible=FalseNo
14449Compiler Allows the Use of Dec/Inc Procedures As FunctionsYes
14450Compiler Allows Duplicate Enumeration Members in Enumeration Type DeclarationYes
14451List Index Out of Bounds Error When Using the Line Deletion Shortcut Keys in the Code EditorNo
14452TButton Caption Font Size Changes Not Reflected in Control ProperlyNo
14458TSizer Layout Property Not Saved When Modified in the Form DesignerYes
14462Non-Visual Projects Experiencing Compiler Error about Icon FontNo
14463BeginUpdate and EndUpdate Not Having Any Effect on Updates to the URL of TImage ControlsNo
14464TTab Control Interface Incorrectly Overriding Caption Font Color Settings in the Form DesignerNo
14475Binding TRadioButton Instances to Boolean TDataSet Columns Results in Runtime ErrorNo
14484Setting TCanvasElement ShadowColor Property to clBlack Results in No ShadowYes
24496TPanel Controls Not Resetting Layout Stretch Property When DraggedNo
24505External Interface Incorrect for TEvent.stopPropagation Method in the WebDOM UnitNo
24510TSizer Height/Width Properties Reset When Orientation Property LoadedNo
24512Embedded Forms Not Loading Intra-Form Component References Properly When Created DynamicallyNo
24513Floating-Point Numbers Incorrectly Allowed to Contain Both Positive and Negative Signs for ExponentsNo
24514TPanel Control Interface Contains Incorrect ApplyProperties Setting for BorderNo
24519Selected Cells for Links in TGrid Control Hard to Read for Desktop Control InterfacesNo
34534TIconButton Enabled Property Not PublishedNo
34536Forward/Back Buttons Not Working Correctly in TCalendar Control When Calendar is Certain SizeNo
34537Closing a Modal Form with No Other Visible Forms Can Cause Run-Time ErrorNo
44539Cannot Use Data-URL Images in Grid Columns with ControlType Set to ctImageNo
44540Removing Menu Items from a TMenuItem OnClick Event Handler Can Cause ErrorNo
54552OnCaptionBarDblClick Event Not Firing for TPanel/TDialog if AllowMove Property Set to TrueNo
54557Touch Events Not Working Correctly in the Embedded Browser in the IDENo
64568Invalid Component Instance Names Generated When Class Name Begins with Invalid CharacterNo
64569Adding a Component that Fails to Call Inherited Constructor Causes AV in the IDE During ShutdownNo
64574Read-Only TGrid Control Does Not Allow Programmatic Row Append/Insert/Delete OperationsNo
74579TListBox Control KeyPressInterval Property Not Exhibiting Consistent DelayNo
74580Setting TGrid DataSet Property to DataSet Containing Columns with ftUnknown Type Causes ErrorNo
114602TGrid Columns Not Using Assigned Font Style When Displaying Grid CellsNo
124626Selected TButtonComboBox Value Changes after a Short Period of TimeNo
124630Rebuilding the Component Library with a Standalone Form Open Can Cause AVNo
124632Assigning a Variant Array Element to a Typed Variable Results in a Compiler ErrorYes
124633Using the $ Character in Certain Ways Can Cause a Source Parsing ErrorYes
154650Space Bar Not Working for Toggling Check Box Columns in TGrid ControlNo
154654Documentation for ArcTan2 Function IncorrectNo
194691Comparing an Enumerated Type to an Enumerated Type Member Causes Compiler Access ViolationNo
194703Table of Sorting Functions Incorrect for the TStringList Sorting Properties and MethodsNo
194704Minimizing the TPanel Control Doesn't Work Properly When AutoSize.Height is TrueNo