Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.02

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.02. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14222Nested Scrollable Containers Not Responding to Touch Events ProperlyNo
14224TDataset Modified Property Always Returning TrueNo
14225Freeing a Form Containing a TGrid Control Can Cause Runtime ErrorNo
14226Closing TDataSet Bound to a TGrid with an Active Edit Control Causes List Index Out of Bounds ErrorNo
14232Adding a Grid Column that Causes a Horizontal ScrollBar to Appear Causes CrashNo
14233TSizer Control Incorrectly Allowed to Move Outside of Container Client AreaNo
14234TPanel CaptionBar AllowMove Property Not Working ProperlyNo
14236TMap Displaying Error When Container Form Shown TwiceNo
14238Cannot Attach OnLoad Event Handler to TBrowser Control at RuntimeNo
14244Changing the TPagePanel ActivePage Property in Code Not Equivalent to Clicking on Tab for FocusYes
14248Accessing an Element in a Constant Array Causes the Whole Constant to Be UsedNo
14249Defining More Than One Except Handler in the Same Function/Procedure Causes Compiler ErrorNo
14250Referencing Instance Methods in a Class Method Causes Compiler ErrorNo
14253Command-Line Compiler Not Allowing the Use of Paths Contains SpacesNo
14254Setting TGridColumn Header AllowClick Property to False Does Not Prevent Header ClicksNo
14256Compiler Not Emitting Unary Operators Used with Constants ProperlyYes
14257TServerRequest Component Not Trimming Leading Spaces from Request Header ValuesYes
24263On..Except Blocks Cause Compilation Error with Referenced Variables Inside of BlocksNo
24265Viewport Mouse Wheel Scrolling Not WorkingNo
24266Updating TListBox Items Not Triggering Proper Data Changes When Bound to a TDataSetNo
24267Viewport Touch Scrolling Not Working ProperlyNo
24268Auto-Sized UI Elements Containing Content with Embedded CRLFs Not Being Sized ProperlyNo
24272Class Method Implementations Resulting in Incorrect Javascript Code GenerationNo
34274Resizing a Control with an Outset Shadow Causes a GDI+ ErrorYes
44279Updating or Deleting Rows and Committing Transaction Causes Commit ErrorNo
44280MultiSelect Not Working Properly with TListBox ControlNo
44281Turning Off Auto-Save Project Option in Environment Options Prevents Proper Saving of ProjectsYes

Minor Problems

14220Mixing Modal Message and Progress Dialogs Causes Problem with Visual Modal BarrierNo
14221TMap Control Not Resizing Map Properly When Map Embedded on TPagePanel PageNo
14223Sub-Folders in a Project's Compiler Output Folder Cause Deploy ErrorNo
14237Selecting Clear Button in Image Selection Dialog in the IDE Does Not Clear the ImageNo
14239Compiler Allowing Class Types as Parameters When Class Instances ExpectedYes
14241TLink Default Event Not Set ProperlyYes
14251Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab Keys Not Working if Code Editor ActiveYes
14252Compiler Allows Procedure/Function References to Be Passed As Method Reference ParametersYes
14255Compiler Errors When Casting/Comparing Enumerated Types to Integers and BackNo
24262OnLoad Error Message Incorrect for Non-Connection ErrorsNo
24264PDFModule Example Project Not Including the Proper PDF FilesNo
24269Auto-Saving Saving Units But Not Saving Project Before a CompilationYes
24270Access Violation in IDE after Moving and Closing Welcome PageNo
24273Using TMap with Layout Settings on a TPage Causes Map Drawing IssuesNo
44282Background Property for TGroupPanel Control Modifies Client Area OnlyNo