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Serious Serious
Reported By: Eivind Brenne
Reported On: 10/15/2015
For: Version 2.02 Build 1
# 4265 Viewport Mouse Wheel Scrolling Not Working

Just a quick question about scrollbars. In my project on larger forms I have the below code in the OnShow event.

It works perfect and triggers a scroll bar. I'm quite sure that when this project compiled under 2.01 I could use my mouse wheel to scroll. Now when this code runs under 2.02 I have to click, hold and drag the scroll bar that shows up. No scrolling with the mouse wheel is possible. I tested this under Edge, Firefox and Opera (All newest versions).

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Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/15/2015 in version 2.02 build 2

Products Affected Products Affected
Elevate Web Builder
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