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Thread Is 3.24 and 3.30 file/data structure same?
Thu, May 14 2009 7:29 AMPermanent Link


We used dbsrvr 3.24. Some places we need to install a secondary server to: a.) separate users b.) check/avoid some AV and other errors.

We wanna test 3.30, but we fear to set it as main server, we wanna test it as secondary.

I don't know that 3.30 is use another table format or not...

I don't want to confuse/corrupt the data files (tables, indexes, blobs) with two types of servers.

If they are different then I don't use it. But if they are use completely same file structure, I want to use 3.30 as secondary server.

Please help me to I can determine the installation/separation method!

Thanks for it:
Thu, May 14 2009 10:43 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate


Its a long time since I was on V3 so I can't fully remember but in general the table structure only changes between versions. I think there was a structure change in the middle of V4 but not V3 so you should be OK.

Just try opening a few 3.24 tables in the 3.30 DBSys - if it works you'll be fine.

Roy Lambert [Team Elevate]
Thu, May 14 2009 12:05 PMPermanent Link

"Eduardo [HPro]"

Yes, the data structure/format are the same