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Thread DBISAM v4 server: Client connections die after 12-24 hours
Fri, Jul 31 2009 2:37 PMPermanent Link

Sam Jones

DBISAM server rocks. We compile it into our delphi 2006 service, and workstations connect
smooth as silk.

Issue: If the client SW is left running overnight, in the AM it has lost its connection to
the DBISAM server.

Is there an idle timeout, or max-session-lifespan property somewhere?

Fri, Jul 31 2009 2:56 PMPermanent Link

Fernando Dias

Team Elevate Team Elevate


Set the TDBISAMSession.RemotePing to True and TDBISAMSession.RemotePingInterval
to the desired ping interval in seconds, for example 60, in your client
applications. This will prevent the sessions from expire when there is no activity.

Fernando Dias
[Team Elevate]