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Thread DBISAM Dataset.Next never reaches Dataset.EOF (with using QuickReport)
Wed, Jun 3 2020 5:10 AMPermanent Link

Roy Lambert

NLH Associates

Team Elevate Team Elevate


>I commented out these lines in the loop and then the job is finishing.
>212 records as expected. But empty pages.
>I think this must be closing this tread, because it shows that the next statement itself is not causing this problem
> // PrintGroupHeaders;
> // PrintBeforeControllers;
> // ParentReport.PrintBand(FDetail);
> // PrintAfterControllers;

If you comment those events out and it works but without data I'd say that the problem is the code inside those events.

>Update for my last post:
>I have a Delphi 7 Application with the same case which runs smoothly.
>With the same table that recordCount shows also 1 but it processes fine all the 212 records

Is the code the same in both cases? Is it the same QuickReport code? Is eDocEngine the same code?

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