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Thread FastMove Problems
Mon, Jan 9 2006 5:21 PMPermanent Link

"John Seward"
With all the recent attention to (and recommendations (here) to use)
replacement memory managers and other such "core" or "system"
optimizations, I installed FastMM and the FastCode FastMove unit. While
I've got some interesting challenges with FastMM (what's the proper way
to handle child windows, which should be released by their parent
windows instead of explicitly, yet are reported as leaks?; further, if
you release them "manually" you get the expected AV warning/error...),
the behavior of FastMove under D5 is downright nuclear, in a
hallucinogenic sort of way! Smiley

FastMove seems to install and operate under D7 exactly as advertised:

"How to use:

 Include this unit in any uses clause - Thats It! "

Cool! And very nice! Do almost nothing, and get a nice little speed

Yet when installed on a new D5 project, on a freshly loaded D5 on a
freshly rebooted machine ('cause the last attempt frazzled it), the
SLIGHTEST attempt to compile the project sends Delphi to the loony bin!
It IMMEDIATELY goes nuts with all sorts of weird behavior, like:
totally different compiler errors on every compile (sometimes it
doesn't recognize some assembler words...), and AVs while the code
editor is just sitting there.  It seems to me that those missing
assembler words pretty much wreck D5 on the first pass, without ever
running the program. (Which is seriously strange!) So I looked for some
conditional compilation directives that I expected to be blocking later
reserved words from earlier compilers. Well... there ain't none.

Have I downloaded the wrong file? or done something else stupid? or
does this only work with later versions of Delphi?  I haven't seen
anything stated to that effect, and my searches haven't yielded any
other solutions.  Has anyone else seen this behavior? Or am I the only
one who needs the anti-hallucinogens?...  [IF this is the only question
that gets answered... I asked for it. Smiley

Thanks for any advice.

P.S. I'm asking here instead of in ...   Well... you know why...
Mon, Jan 9 2006 6:53 PMPermanent Link

"John Seward"
Heh... Never mind... Found "FastMove for Delphi 5 Library" on one of
the *other* FastCode sites... Sounds promising... Smiley