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Thread EWB stalled?
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Steve Gill wrote:

> I want to move a bunch of ewb 2.x projects forward to 3.x and was waiting for resiliance and stability. >>
> Well I'm waiting for these so that I can actually develop some apps:

> * HTML editor - native component, not a kludge.

everyone who has developed an HTML JavaScript editor has come to the same conclusion - it's a lot harder than they originally thought.  All the top current successful ones have implemented their own DOM because simple DIV editors are crappy.  So, I'd say this is possibly a multi-month dedicated project to do a good one.

> * Treeview control
> * Formal drag and drop support

Not hard to do, but yes they will be nice when they are built-in

> * File access for browser applications

I posted an example of exactly this in the archives.  It's about 25 lines of code to implement IIRC.  It's hard to read because of JavaScript promises, but it works.

> * Delphi TDataSet component set for web server database access
>* Ability to execute EDB Stored Procedures within an EWB app (queries just don't cut it for me).

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