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Tim Young [Elevate Software]

Elevate Software, Inc.


Email timyoung@elevatesoft.com

<< I told you already, English is not my native language, so I am trying to be understandable first. And I am not respectful, nor disrespectful, I am neutral. And you certainly disrespectful to me and my opinion now. >>

I'm not being disrespectful of your opinion at all.  I'm telling you to stop posting comments that a) are critical of our development priorities, and b) stop posting comments about me, personally.

Our development priorities are what they are, and we're not going to stop mid-stream and change them to start working on something that wasn't planned.  That's a recipe for chaos and bugs.  So, posting critical comments about how we are prioritizing various features is a waste of time.  We are the only people that hear from *all* customers on a regular basis, and the only people that can make the decisions that affect our business and those of our customers.  Furthermore, you just simply have zero idea of how much time and effort that we put into this business, so anything you post is going to be ill-informed from the start.

I've addressed what our plans are here on the support forums many times, and you can find them in the roadmap that Steve pointed out.  Furthermore, you can simply *email* us at any time to ask us (heck, you can even call us on the phone, if you want), and we'll be happy to tell you what is going on (or as much as we can say, at any given time).

<< Just to be on topic of this thread, do you consider improving the editor in foresible future or not? >>

Yes, the priorities are this:

1) Get EWB 3 completed so that customers can develop complete, secure, single-language client and server applications from within the same IDE.  As part of this effort, I have also addressed the deficiencies in the front-end of the compiler so that it is a) much cleaner and faster, and b) doesn't have issues with weird constructs like calling methods stored in arrays, some versions of default property references, etc.  The cleanup of the compiler was *also* necessary in order to allow for a proper code completion implementation that doesn't cause lags during usage, and will allow me to iterate much faster with new features like set support and generics/templated classes.  The current compiler was designed to simply transpile Object Pascal to JS in a very specific fashion, and was/is *very* difficult to modify to accommodate more advanced features.

2) Fix the code editor and all other productivity issues with the source code side of the IDE.

3) Fix remaining issues with the client application development.   For the component library/visual design in the IDE, this includes allowing for the creation of flexible "content containers" that can be re-used in list/grid controls (or any other type of control), as well as improving the way that the layout management is handled (property changes can get tedious) and adding support for control interface variables so that theming can be implemented.

At the current rate, I'll probably be starting on 2) in early June.  But, again, this is based upon what I *currently* know, and this is subject to change as I finish up EWB 3 and we get into beta testing.

Tim Young
Elevate Software
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