Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.06

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.06. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1672Read Error #9217 Triggered When Trying to Read the Result Set of a QueryNo
1678Deleting the .IDX File for a Table Causes an #8961 Header Corrupt Error Message Upon OpeningNo
1679Modifying RestructureFieldDefs and then Calling RestructureTable Does Not WorkYes
1680Adding a Primary Index Via AddIndex Instead of CreateTable Will Cause a #8961 Header Corrupt ErrorYes
1681Assigning an Invalid Date During Editing of a Record in a Table Cause DBSYS To HangNo
1682Using a Constant=Constant Comparison in SQL WHERE Clause Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
1683Multiple INNER JOINs in Certain SQL Queries Can Cause an AVNo
1684Removing the TableName Property from a TDBISAMTable Component in the IDE Removes DatabaseName AlsoYes
1685SQL Aggregate Functions Not Processing Consistently and Depending Upon Number of Rows ProcessedNo
1686Dropping and Re-Adding a Column Within the Same SQL ALTER TABLE Causes Invalid Field ErrorNo

Minor Problems