Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.05

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.05. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11568Creating Tables Concurrently While Accessing Other Tables Can Cause AVNo
11579The OSWaitForEvent in the DBISAMLB Unit for Kylix Contains Invalid Code and Cannot Be CompiledYes
11580SELECT COUNT(*) Returning an Empty Result Set Under LinuxNo
11581GROUP BY SELECT Statements Without an ORDER BY Cause Memory LeakNo
11592Using Optimistic Locking Protocol Can Cause Unlock Errors When Changing Records with Active FilterYes
11597Server-Side Procedures and Users Are Not Being Saved When Added to the Server ConfigurationNo
11598MaxRowCount Property Set to 1 Causes 0 Rows to Show Up in the Result SetYes
11603TDBISAMTable CreateTable Method Not Creating Full Text Indexes on Specified FieldsNo
11604RemoteLoginDialogProc Being Called Even Though It Is Not Assigned and Causing an AVYes
11605Locate Randomly Not Finding the Correct RecordNo
11606The .SO Shared Object Libraries Are Missing for the Kylix Design-Time and Run-Time PackagesYes
11608Locate Not Working Properly with Filter and Certain Active Indexes SetNo
11609Invalid Requests to the Database Server Result in an #15002 Error Uncompressing Data ExceptionYes
11610TDBISAMDatabase BackupInfo Method Not Working Properly for Remote SessionsYes
11611Altering a Table and Changing an Integer Field to an AutoInc Field Does Not Modify the Last AutoincYes
11615Altering an In-Memory Table Causes an Unknown Operating System ErrorNo
11616Modifying a BLOB Field Using a TDBISAMBlobStream Component Does Not Work ProperlyNo
11617Executing an SQL SELECT Query That Modifies the Index Position Can Cause a Hanging Read LockNo
11618Executing Queries Inside of Custom Functions Can Result in Random AVsNo
11635Random Concurrent Updates Mixed with Reads Can Cause AV During Searches and ReadsNo
11717Using a BETWEEN Operator in an SQL SELECT JOIN Clause Causes Incorrect ResultsYes

Minor Problems

11612Spelling Error in the Manual Under Changes from Version 3.x TopicNo
11614Encryption Customizations Section of Manual Includes Incorrect HyperlinkNo