Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.18

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.18. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11964Manually Preparing a Query Causes an AVNo
11968IN Sub-Queries On String Columns Not Working Properly for Arabic LocalesNo
11970SELECT COUNT(*) Query Returning Incorrect Results When WHERE Clause Contains Sub-SELECTNo
11971SQL WHERE Clause <> Comparison On Integer Field Returns Incorrect ResultsNo
11974Application of Cached Updates Can Cause Overwrites of Records Without 8708 ErrorNo
11977Changing the Active Filter or Range When Cached Updates Are Active Causes ErrorYes
11982Executing a Transaction Rollback on a Table with Newly-Inserted Records Can Cause 10258 ErrorNo
11984Accessing a BLOB Column From Within a Trigger in the Database Server Causes #9998 Blob Offset ErrorNo
11985Using <> Filter on a String Field in a Table Without the ANSI Standard Locale Could Hang ApplicationNo
11987<> String Field Comparisons on Tables Not Using ANSI Standard Locale Return Incorrect ResultsNo
11993<> Filter on Boolean Field Returns Incorrect ResultsNo

Minor Problems

11965DBSYS Reverse-Engineering Generating Incorrect Default Values for Fixed Character Field TypesYes
11975TDBISAMDatabase KeepTablesOpen Property Not Working Correctly With Exclusively-Opened TablesYes
11978RepairTable Does Not Correct Invalid Default Values for BLOB ColumnsNo
11981Manual Shows Incorrect Example for Optimizing Case-Insensitive Column ComparisonsNo
11986Adding a Column Greater than the Total Using the AT Clause in an ALTER TABLE Statement Can Cause AVYes
11988Joins Being Executed for JOIN Queries Even Though Driver Table Contains No RecordsNo
11989Cannot Update a Numeric Column with a NULL Value If a Minimum Value Is Defined for the ColumnNo
11990Trying to Use a Memo Parameter with a BLOB Column Causes ErrorYes
11991TDBISAMTable GotoCurrent Method Issuing Exception When One TableName Property Has .dat ExtensionYes
11992Using the SQL AVG() Aggregate Function on a BCD Field Returns Incorrect ResultsYes