Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 4.20

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 4.20. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12010SQL IF Function Not Evaluating Properly and Repeating Old ValuesNo
12011SQL LEFT OUTER JOINs Containing OR Operators Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
12012Using Aggregate Functions in Expressions Can Cause Incorrect Results or AVYes
12022Opening and Closing a TADOTable or TADOQuery Can Cause an Uncompress Error in the ODBC DriverNo
12023Running SQL INSERT Statements Against a TADOTable with the ODBC Driver Causes a Memory LeakNo
12030Using Calculated Field with Live Query Result Set with Expression Columns Can Cause Stack OverflowNo
12032Using Cached Updates with Primary Index On RecordID Column Can Cause #9729 Duplicate Key ExceptionNo
12034ODBC Driver Not Returning the Correct Number of Parameters After Preparing an SQL StatementNo
12035Optimized NOT LIKE Expressions with Partial-Length Searches Return Incorrect Results for PortugueseYes
12039Optimization Costs Not Being Calculated Properly for TEXTSEARCH() QueriesYes
12041Runtime Error 204 When Running DBISAM On a Processor with Data Execution ProtectionNo
12042ODBC Driver Not Parsing Escaped Functions ProperlyNo
12044Setting the ForceIndexRebuild Parameter To True For RepairTable Removes Text Index InformationYes
12045Multiple Empty Strings in SELECT Column List With ORDER BY On Same Columns Causes ErrorNo
12047Query Optimizer Using Wrong Costs for Expressions Joined by AND OperatorNo
22048ShowMessage() Dialog Call Left in DBSRVR ProjectNo
32049ODBC Driver Catalog Functions Not Working Properly with Remote Connections to a Database ServerNo

Minor Problems

12009Using TDBISAMTable FieldDefs Add Method With AlterTable Causes Data LossYes
12013SQL HAVING Clause Not Considering Integer and AutoInc Columns to Be EquivalentYes
12018TDBISAMEngine TableDataTempExtension Duplicating Temporary File ExtensionsNo
12019DBISAM ODBC Manual Connection String Settings IncorrectNo
12020DatabaseName Property for TriggerDatabase Parameter in Triggers Blank for TDBISAMQuery ExecutionNo
12025TDBISAMDatabase Directory Property Editor Shows Incorrect Folder Options On Second DisplayNo
12027TDBISAMTable Component Showing RecNo Property of -1 After Calling Append and Then Cancel MethodsYes
12028Setting TDBISAMDatabase KeepTablesOpen to True Can Cause Access Denied Error During ALTER TABLEYes
12031DBSYS Reverse Engineering Carrying Old Last AutoInc Value to Newly-Created TableYes