Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 1.03

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 1.03. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12292Locate Not Using Available Index When loCaseInsensitive Flag Set and Searching on Non-String FieldNo
12302SUBSTRING Function Not Working Properly with Insensitive Result SetsYes
12305IMPORT TABLE Statement Importing NULL Column Values SporadicallyNo
12306Deleting All Rows From a Table Using DELETE Statement Can Cause #601 ErrorNo
12308IDE Templates for External Modules, TextFilters, and Word Generators Not Working in Delphi 2006No
12309Error in the Type Checking for Binary TypesNo
12310Transactions Incorrectly Rolling Back Changes On Table ClosesNo
12312Subtracting Two Dates as a Milliseconds Interval Can Cause Value Overflow for ResultNo
12314Views with Joins Not Showing the Correct Rows After First Execution/OpenNo
12315Inserting More than 2 Gigabytes of Data into a Table Corrupts the TableNo
12316Parameterized Queries with the ElevateDB Server Not Working ProperlyNo
12318View Cursors Not Refreshing Properly When Changes are Made to Underlying TablesNo
12319GROUP BY Expressions that Reference SELECT Column Expressions May Return Incorrect ResultsYes
12320FindKey Operations on Non-Unique Indexes Can Cause an Access ViolationNo
12321Remote Send and Receive Progress Updates Causing Execution Lockups when Executing QueriesNo
12323Casting a TIME Value to a TIMESTAMP Value Causes Error in DelphiNo
12324Casting a TIMESTAMP Value to a TIME Value Results in a Compilation ErrorNo
12325NULL Bookmark Values Causing Positioning Issues in DatasetsNo
12326Using an ORDER BY Clause in a Sensitive SELECT Result Set Can Cause Access ViolationYes
12327ALTER TABLE Not Altering Buffering Parameters for TablesNo
12328CREATE TABLE AS with WITH DATA Clause Causes Access ViolationNo
12329Combining Correlated Sub-Queries with OR Operator Causes Improper Query ExecutionNo
12330Master-Detail Links Can Cause Access Violation During Navigation on ElevateDB ServerNo
12332Text Indexes Not Being Migrated Properly from DBISAM TablesNo
12333Leading Wildcard Searches with the LIKE Operator Not Working ProperlyNo
12335Scalar Sub-Queries Not Returning Correct Results When Used with Sensitive Result SetsYes
12337Calling External Stored Procedures Causes Access ViolationNo
12338Dropping a Role Can Result in a #401 ErrorNo
12340Using the LIKE Operator with a Trailing Space and Wildcard Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
12341Improperly-Terminated Client Applications Can Cause Temporary Table Naming Conlicts on ServerNo
12342Selecting and Deleting the Entire Grid Cell for DATE, TIME, or TIMESTAMP Columns Causes ErrorNo
12343Using a Database Name Qualifier in Sub-Queries Causes a Compilation ErrorNo
12345Using Non-ANSI Collation with Text Index Column Causes #700 Error for CONTAINS OperatorNo
12346Asterisk Wildcard Searches Not Working Properly with CONTAINS OperatorNo
12348Blank Passwords Being Allowed For User PasswordsNo
12349UNION/INTERSECT/EXCEPT Column Type Promotion Not Being Handled ProperlyNo

Minor Problems

12311GotoNearest or GotoKey Call with KeyFieldCount=0 Results in an Access ViolationYes
12317Calling Procedure with No Parameters Causing Compilation Error #700No
12322Subtracting TIMESTAMP Values from DATE Values Allowed When it Shouldn't Be AllowedNo
12331IN Operator Not Optimized Correctly if Indexes are AvailableNo
12334Default Identity Columns Not Defined Correctly in ElevateDB ManagerYes
12347TRIM Function Not Raising Exception When String Used for Trim CharacterYes