Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.09

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.09. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13567AV During Deletion of Rows When Foreign Key Constraint Has Less Columns than Target Primary KeyNo
13568Cannot Use Date Formats without Date Separator Characters in IMPORT TABLE/EXPORT TABLE StatementsNo
13571PHP Extension Not Working Properly with PHP 5.3.xNo
13572MS Help 2 Help Files Contain Broken Links in RAD Studio IDENo
13573ElevateDB Server Can Experience AV When Removing Dead SessionsNo
13578Passing a NULL Value as an OUT or INOUT Parameter in SQL/PSM Routine Can Cause Conversion ErrorNo
13579ElevateDB 64-bit ODBC Driver Not Working Correctly with 64-bit Microsoft Office 2010No
13582Altering Temporary Tables Can Cause Named Table Files To Appear in Database DirectoryNo
13584Parameters for Derived Tables Created in Wrong OrderNo
13586Certain Types of BLOB Corruption Not Being Detected or Fixed by VERIFY/REPAIR TABLE StatementNo
13588LOAD UPDATES Can Cause AV with Tables Containing Self-Referencing Foreign KeysNo
13590Executing Simultaneous SELECT and DELETE Queries Can Cause Floating Point Division By Zero ErrorNo
13591EXPORT TABLE Not Escaping XML Output ProperlyNo
13593Enabling TEDBSession KeepTablesOpen Property Can Cause Row Locks To Persist Beyond Table CloseNo
13596Using Sub-Queries in HAVING Clause Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
13598InSensitive Queries that Use Sensitive Derived Tables Can Return Incorrect ResultsYes
13599Unicode PHP Extension Not Returning Data in Correct UTF-8 FormatNo

Minor Problems

13569Type Mismatches in IFNULL Functions Can Cause #1011 Conversion Errors Instead of Proper #700 ErrorYes
13570Turning on TEDBEngine ExclusiveFileAccess Property Causes Access ErrorYes
13574Cannot Use Variables in SQL/PSM FETCH ABSOLUTE ClauseNo
13576ElevateDB Manager Not Restoring Panel State ProperlyNo
13580Cancelling the Optimize Table Functionality in ElevateDB Manager Causes "No SQL Statement Specified"No
13581Selecting a Block of Text Using Mouse Causes Indentation To Un-Select BlockNo
13583ExecutionResult Not Set Properly for TEDBQuery ComponentNo
13585ElevateDB Manager Import and Export Table Dialogs Have Wrong CaptionNo
13587Template Project Installation Not Working in Delphi XE2No
13592ElevateDB Manager Not Creating Remote Stores with Encrypted Connections ProperlyNo
13595REPAIR TABLE Statement Not Repairing Two Rows Pointing to Same BLOB CorrectlyNo
13597TEDBSession and TEDBDatabase Execute Methods Not Populating Output Parameters ProperlyYes
13600PDF Manuals for PHP Extension Cropped at Right MarginNo
13605ElevateDB Manager Can Experience Parsing Error When Using a Custom Statement TerminatorNo