Icon Incident Reports Addressed in 2.14

The following is a list of the incident reports addressed in version 2.14. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13887Views Being Unnecessarily Validated During DROP VIEW ExecutionNo
13888Integer Overflow in Maximum Row Count Checking in the EngineNo
13891Generated C++ Header Contains Conflicting DeclarationNo
13893Trying to Use a Remote Session with an Encrypted Connection Causes ErrorNo
13894LIKE Operator Not Working Properly with Trailing Single Wildcard or Blank CharacterNo
13895Combining Optimized and Un-Optimized Conditions with OR Operator Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
13896Using an In-Memory Configuration Can Cause a Database Locking ErrorNo
13897Nested Derived Tables Can Cause Access ViolationYes
13899Editing a CLOB Column Directly in the Grid in the ElevateDB Manager Results in Truncated CLOB TestNo
23901Computed Columns Not Available in OLDROW Column Values in TriggersNo
23903Installations Contain Invalid Server and Library Directory StructuresNo
23904Comparing an INTEGER Value to a FLOAT/DECIMAL Value Results in Automatic Truncation of FLOAT/DECIMALYes
23905BeginCachedUpdates Method Causes an Access ViolationNo
33908CONTAINS Condition with Multiple Wildcard Search Terms Returning Incorrect ResultsYes
33910ElevateDB Manager Creating Database Migrators IncorrectlyYes
43913ODBC Driver Installations Not Creating Registry Entries with Correct PathsNo
53915Expanded CREATE/ALTER JOB Day Specifications Being Reset Incorrectly During Configuration LoadNo
53916ElevateDB Server Triggering #407 Table Full Error Even with Large File Support Turned OnNo
53917EXPORT TABLE Statement Not Exporting Rows in Primary Key OrderNo

Minor Problems

13890SQL Manual Incorrectly Refers to DOUBLE and FLOAT Types as 32-bitNo
13892TEDBScript ConvertSQL Method Not Generating Correct SQLYes
13898Aggregate Functions Impoperly Allowed in SELECT Sub-Query WHERE Clause and Causes AVYes
23902ElevateDB Manager Explorer Painting Incorrect for Selected NodesNo
33909ElevateDB Manager Start Menu Shortcuts IncorrectYes
53914Properties Page List View Not Drawing Correctly with Non-Themed WindowsNo