Icon New Incident Reports for 2.03

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.03. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

1581TDBISAMQuery RowsAffected Property Causes AV if Accessed After ExecSQL CallNo
1584SQL SELECT Statement Not Working Properly with Column-to-Column Comparisons in WHERE ClauseYes
1589Records Not Being Unlocked Properly If Record Is Still Locked During a Transaction CommitNo
1590SQL SELECT IN Operator Failing If Field Name and Search Term Are IdenticalNo
1591Deleting the BLOB File from a Physical Table Causes Incorrect Error Message On Table OpenYes
1592SQL INSERT With String Literal > 255 Bytes Into a BLOB Field Causes Truncate at 255 BytesYes
1593SQL and Filtering CAST Function Causing Error When Size Not Specified for BYTES Data TypeNo
1594DBSYS Reverse-Engineering SmallInt Fields Incorrectly For C++BuilderYes
1595Cannot Close and Re-Open In-Memory Tables in the Delphi IDE Without An ErrorNo
1596Control Panel Language Driver Changes Affect Internal Language Driver SettingsNo
1598Locate Method Failing After Appending a New Record and Attempting a Search On the RecordYes
1599SQL UPPER and LOWER Functions and LIKE Operator Are Not Working Properly With ANSI CharactersNo
1600AssignField Method For TDBISAMParam Objects Not Working Properly With ftTypedBinary Data TypeYes
1601Tables with No Primary Index Are Causing a Blank IndexDef to Appear in the IDE at Design-TimeYes
1602Attempting to Delete a Record in a DBGrid That Has Already Been Deleted Causes Wrong Record DeleteNo
1603TDBISAMQuery Freeing of Internal DBISAM SQL Statement Handle Not Working ProperlyNo
1604SQL UPDATE Statement Causing Record to be Updated for Every Column in UPDATE Columns ListNo
1605SQL ALTER TABLE Statement Removes Encryption of Encrypted TablesYes
1606Using the TDBISAMTable RestructureTable Method to Change an Integer Field to AutoInc Renumbers FieldNo
1608Multiple TDBISAMDatabase Components with Same DatabaseName Being Allowed in Same SessionYes
1609SQL INSERT Statement with SELECT * Sub-Query Causes AVNo
1610SQL INSERT Statement Causing Extra Byte to be Added to Inserted BLOB DataNo
1611SQL ALTER TABLE Statement Not Prompting for Password When Altering Encrypted TablesNo
1612SQL DELETE Statement Not Working Properly Under Certain CircumstancesNo
1613CopyOnAppend Property Causing Improper Record Positioning Before Record CopyNo
1614SQL SELECT Sub-Selects Not Working Properly When Sub-Select Query Cannot Be LiveNo
1615Using an ORDER BY Clause on a Live SQL SELECT Statement Causes Inserts to Slow DownNo
1616SQL Query Join Optimizer Not Being Thorough Enough With Join Re-OrderingYes
1617Live Queries Not Being Allowed if SQL ORDER BY Clause Specifies Integer Fields of Available CI IndexYes
1618SQL CREATE TABLE Statement Creating Fields With Incorrect Lengths SometimesNo
1619Using an Un-Optimized Locate on a Large Table with a Small Range Set Is Too SlowNo
1642Exists Function in TDBISAMTable Component Returns Invalid Results Under Windows 95/98No
1652SQL or Filters Using the LIKE Operator On Large Memo Fields Will Cause a Stack OverflowNo

Minor Problems

1597SQL INSERT Queries Not Showing Progress via OnQueryProgress eventNo