Icon New Incident Reports for 4.07

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 4.07. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

11705UNION Queries Not Working Properly and Resulting in 0 Records in Result SetNo
11707Editing and Posting of Record Modifications Causing Improper Record Re-PositioningNo
11708Editing and Posting a Record with an Active Filter Can Cause Invalid Records to AppearYes
11727The Kylix 2 and 3 Client Server with Source Code Version Contains No Source CodeNo
11734Setup Programs Not Installing Design-Time Packages CorrectlyYes
11735ODBC Driver Showing Incorrect FileVersion Version InformationNo
11736Parameter Operations Involving BLOBs Causing Invalid Pointer Operation ErrorsNo
11737Adding a Password and Removing All Passwords Multiple Times Can Cause an AVYes
11738Altering a Table and Removing a Field Before Any BLOB Fields Will Cause an AVNo
11740DBSYS Utility Is Not Saving Descending Field Changes When Altering the Structure of a TableNo
11741Renaming of Tables Resulting in Corruption in Internal File System and Table Not Found ErrorsNo
11742FindFirst and FindNext Methods Not Working ProperlyNo
11744Updating a Table Can Cause the Checksums To Be Calculated ImproperlyNo
11746Using a Constant in a Non-Comparison Expression in an SQL WHERE Clause Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
11747Specify SQL INNER JOINs in a SELECT Statement that Refer to One Another Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
11749SQL and Filter NOT IN Operator Not Working ProperlyYes
11750The Database Server Under Delphi 6 or 7 or Kylix 2 or 3 Can Result in Endless Loops From DisconnectsNo
11751The WinHelp and PDF Manuals Contain Incorrect Component Code DeclarationsNo
11752The ODBC Driver Source Code Included With the Product Is IncompleteNo
11753FindKey Causes AV If Searching On LargeInt Field With Non-Int64 ValuesNo

Minor Problems

11731Reverse Engineering a Table in DBSYS with Default Values of '.' or ',' Result in Incorrect SQL CodeNo
11743Altering a Table Structure and Doing a Float to Time Field Data Type Change Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
11748The DBSRVR.HLP Help File for the Database Server Has No ContentsNo