Icon New Incident Reports for 4.21

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 4.21. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12068SQL DELETE Queries Can Produce Incorrect Record CountsNo
22070Using loPartialKey Option with an Optimized TDBISAMTable or TDBISAMQuery Locate Method FailsNo
22073Setting a BeforeDeleteTrigger Causes BLOB Handle Leak When Deleting RecordsNo
32075Setting TDBISAMTable.Filtered Property to False Results in a Record Count of 0Yes
42078Using the OnFilterRecord Event Handler Causes Incorrect Record Display in a GridNo
52082Delphi 5 and Delphi 6 Builds Not Built with Delphi 5 Update Pack 1 and Delphi 6 Update Pack 2No
52084SQL CASE Operator Causing Stack Overflow and Access ViolationsNo
62091ODBC Driver Causes "Another User Has Changed the Record" Error with BDE 5.01No
62092Filters Not Respecting Existing Ranges When ExecutingNo
62127Database Descriptions Not Being Saved Properly in Database ServerNo
72096Calling TDBISAMTable Refresh Method with OnFilterRecord Event Handler Does Not Filter All RecordsNo
72097BDE Transfer Utility Causes Error When Trying To Pump Data into Remote DatabaseNo
82098Using a BeforeUpdateTrigger with the TDBISAMEngine Component Causes #9494 ErrorNo
82099ALTER TABLE Not Working When Only LAST AUTOINC Value SpecifiedNo
92102OnFilterRecord Evaluated Too Many Times When Range and Expression Filter Set AlsoNo
102106Live Queries with No Order By Can Select the Incorrect Default Index for OrderingNo
10210915002 Uncompress Error Triggered When Leaving Table Open During Server ProcedureNo
102116TOP Clause Mixed with ORDER BY On Expression Column Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
102118Using an IN Expression within a LEFT OUTER JOIN Clause Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
102121Exceptions in the OnBeforeUpdate or OnBeforeDelete Trigger Events Can Cause Invalid ParameterNo
102122Table Cursors Not Detecting Changes During Manual Refresh With Active Filters and RangesNo
102125ODBC Driver Not Retrieving Data Properly When Used with Adobe Acrobat ADBC and JavascriptNo
112126Recursive Join in WHERE Clause Causes Incorrect ResultsYes
112128Using DisableControls While Appending a Record and Updating a Memo Field Causes #8962 ErrorYes
112129Possible Access Violation When Using Custom Functions That Return Currency ValuesNo
112134Table Can Raise an #8965 Error During Open with Concurrent Delete on the Last Record in the TableNo
112135AfterUpdateTriggers Not Showing the Proper Record Contents if Current Record Falls Out of FilterNo

Minor Problems

22071DBISAM Design-Time Package Contains Unnecessary DBISAMUT Unit ReferenceNo
22072Total Connected Sessions Being Reported Improperly in Database Server After Removing SessionNo
32076Setting TDBISAMEngine.TableMaxReadLockCount to 0 Can Cause Divide By Zero ErrorsYes
32079Using the SQL STDDEV Aggregate Function with a HAVING Clause Causes Invalid Floating Point ExceptionNo
32081Locates that Use a Case-Sensitive Optimized Filter to Perform Search are Slower than NecessaryNo
32085Executing UNION ALL With Mixed Blob and Character Columns Causes an AVYes
42080Adding a Descending Index Via TDBISAMTable.AddIndex Method Using Only ixDescending Option IncorrectYes
62087OldValue Property Not Populated Correctly in TDBISAMEngine AfterUpdate Trigger EventYes
62088Compiling DBSYS Utility with Packages Results in Incorrect Reference to the .INI FileNo
62089SQL ALTER TABLE IF NOT EXISTS for a Column Still Attempts to Open Table ExclusivelyNo
62090Manual Refers to DBPwdDlg Unit Instead of Correct DBPwDlg UnitNo
62093Trying to Rebuild DBISAM Packages in Delphi 2005 Results In ErrorYes
102107Manual Missing Information that OnQueryProgress Doesn't Fire for Live Query ResultsNo
102108Incorrect Description in the Manual for the TDBISAMSession RemoteParamByName MethodNo
102110Using Boolean Custom Functions in Filters Causes Incorrect Record CountsYes
102111Using a Non-Existent Column in an SQL Query WHERE Clause Does Not Cause an ErrorYes
102112DBSRVR Project Shipped with Build 10 Improperly Includes a Pre-Defined Custom FunctionNo
102114SQL COALESCE Function Not Clearing Out Previous NULL Values from Other RowsNo
102117SQL ALTER TABLE Statement Requires the STOP WORDS Clause When Only Updating the SPACE CHARSYes
102119Using a Function with No Parameters in an SQL Join Causes ErrorNo
102120Need to Add Support for Using Aggregate Expressions in Single-Row Result SetsNo
102123Mixing Float and Integer Columns in Joins Can Cause Incorrect Results in Some CasesYes
112130ZLIBPAS.PAS Unit Contains OutputDebugString ReferenceNo
112131Cannot Use the ROUND() Function Outside of a SUM() Aggregate Function in an INSERT StatementYes
112132Sub-Queries On Tables with Descending Index Matching Selected Column Not OptimizedNo
112133ALTER TABLE REDEFINE PRIMARY KEY Not Changing Descending Index Fields to AscendingYes
112136Setting a Range and then a Filter Doesn't Change Logical Record Numbers to Reflect FilterNo
112137Incorrect Password Message in DBSYS UtilityNo