Icon New Incident Reports for 4.24

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 4.24. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12198Using COUNT Function with BLOB Field and Single-Row SELECT Statement Causes #9494 ErrorNo
12199Using OnRemoteSendProgress Event with Pinging Causes Client Application To FreezeNo
12203Executing a SELECT MAX() Single-Row Query On a Column that is Indexed Causes Lock-UpNo
12207Escaping a Percent Sign Wildcard In a LIKE Expression Can Cause AVNo
12208Combining Memo Fields and String Expressions in IF Function Can Cause Embedded NULL CharactersNo
12210Heaving Multi-Threading of In-Memory Table Updates Causes Read-Lock ErrorNo
12211Modifying a Record During Cached Updates Can Cause Invalid BLOB Offset Error #9998No
12212Using While Not BOF/Prior Loop in VB6 Causes ErrorNo
12214Adding and Deleting the Same Record While Cached Updates Are In Effect Causes #9732 ErrorNo
12217Executing an UPDATE Statement with a Self-Join Results in Bad PerformanceNo

Minor Problems

12200Using ALTER TABLE Inside of a Transaction Causes Access ViolationYes
12201Calling Post on Master DataSet from AfterPost Event Handler of Detail DataSet Causes CorruptionYes
12202Passing a NULL Parameter to a Custom SQL Function Causes an Unassigned Variant to Be Passed InsteadNo
12204SQL Expressions Not Being Evaluated in Left-To-Right Order for Boolean Short-CircuitingNo
12205Using a Parameter for an SQL Table Name Causes AVNo
12206TDBISAMTable AddIndex Method Not Triggering OnDataLost Event with Remote SessionNo
12209Using an Invalid HAVING Clause in a SELECT Statement Causes AVYes
12213Error In Manual For TDBISAMSession RemoteParamByName MethodNo
12215Adding Extra Symbols After End of SQL Statement Does Not Cause ErrorYes
12218Manually Incorrectly States that Defaults are Populated Server-Side with Remote SessionsNo