Icon New Incident Reports for 4.30

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 4.30. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13334Assigning Multibyte Text to Parameter Under Delphi 2009 or Higher Results in Truncation of TextNo
13335Updating Memo Fields in Live Result Set that are Text-Indexed Can Cause Text Index CorruptionNo
13336Using Cached Updates Against Live Result Sets with Expression Fields Can Cause AV During DestructionNo
23398ODBC DSN Configuration Wizard Not Setting Encryption Properly for Remote ConnectionsNo
23400Next and Prior Calls Can Experience an AV During Heavy Multi-User UsageNo
23402TDBISAMSession.RemoveAllRemoteMemoryTables Not Working CorrectlyNo
23403VCL Components Can Raise "Session Already Destroyed" in Delphi XE During Form/Data Module DestructorYes
23404Preparing a Script Before Executing Can Cause First Statement to Not ExecuteYes
33406LIKE Operator Not Working Properly with Leading WildcardsNo
33440Large Transactions Can Slow Down Significantly with Small Record SizesNo
43441INTERSECT Queries Not Handling Empty Sets Properly When More than Two Queries InvolvedNo
53457Using the EXCEPT Operator After the INTERSECT Operator Can Cause Incorrect Query ResultsNo
53460Switching Projects with the TDBISAMEngine Component Present on Forms Causes Error in Delphi XENo
53461Optimizing a Table Can Result in a Hard Loop and LockupNo
63482Thread Safety Issue when Opening Sessions From Multiple Threads When TDBISAMEngine InactiveYes
63483Backup and Restore Not Using Correct Backup HeadersNo
63484Returning String Greater than 512 Characters in a Custom Function with String Data Type Can Cause AVYes
73497Using INTERSECT Operator with More than Two Queries Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo

Minor Problems

23401Using LOWER() Function with Live Result Set Queries and Filters Can Cause Incorrect ResultsYes
33407Altering a Table Created Using INTO with Aggregate Expressions Can Cause CorruptionYes
33408Closing and Then Re-Opening a TDBISAMEngine Component Can Cause List Index Out of Bounds ErrorYes
53459Repair Not Able To Fix Indexes in Certain CasesNo
63481Compiler Error Encountered When Recompiling DBISAM Database Server Project under Delphi XEYes