Icon New Incident Reports for 1.01

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.01. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12250Migrate Functionality Raising Floating-Point Error During Execution on Non-English LocalesNo
12256Issues with Correct Row Selection Using DevExpress QuantumGridNo
12257TEDBTable FindNearest Method Not Working ProperlyNo
12259EXTRACT Function Cannot Be Used with Date/Time Interval ValuesNo
12262Adding a RIGHT OUTER JOIN to a Table Involved in a CROSS JOIN Causes Error MessageYes
12263PREPARE Statements Without UNPREPARE Statements Causes Resource LeakNo
12264Executing a Procedure with INSERTs on Table Created in Same Procedure Causes AVNo
12265UPDATE Triggers on Specific Columns Not Firing ProperlyNo
12266Cannot Subtract Two Date Values as a Year IntervalNo
12267LIKE Operator with No % Wildcards Causes No Rows to be FoundNo
12268Trailing Blanks Not Being Ignored on String ComparisonsNo
12269DECIMAL and NUMERIC Columns Allowing Larger Scale in Values without RoundingNo
12271Adding a Day Interval to a Date Causes an Incorrect ResultNo
12273Column Bindings in Row Values Causing Values for Columns to Appear and DisappearNo
12274CopyOnAppend Causing Last Row to be Copied Instead of Current RowNo
12275Sub-Query Assignments Where Sub-Query Only Contains Constants Result in NULL ValuesNo
12277SetRange on Large Tables is Very SlowNo
12278Correlated EXIST Sub-Queries Not Working ProperlyNo
12281COLLATE Clause Ignored in an ORDER BY or GROUP BY ClauseNo
12282SET Clause with Correlated Aggregate Sub-Query in UPDATE Statements Results in Column Set to NULLNo
12284Single Boolean Column References in WHERE Clause Cause Access ViolationNo
12286Using SUM, RUNSUM, or AVG with SMALLINT Columns Results in NULLYes
12287Correlated Sub-Queries Not Supported in SELECT Column ExpressionsNo

Minor Problems

12254Creation Order Can Cause AV When Using TEDBQuery DataSource Property for ParametersYes
12255Table Correlation Names Not Permitted in UPDATE or DELETE StatementsNo
12258Spaces in Trigger, Job, Function, and Procedure Names Causes Compilation ErrorYes
12260Dropping a Trigger in the ElevateDB Manager Causes Existing Triggers to Disappear From PropertiesNo
12261Improper Message Dialog Prompt When Saving a TriggerNo
12270External Module Templates Contain Incorrect Unit Reference and Are Not Properly RegisteredYes
12272Using the CONTAINS or DOES NOT CONTAIN Operators on Non-Text-Indexed Column Is IgnoredYes
12276Using EXTRACT Function on NULL Value Returns Zero Instead of NULLNo
12279ElevateDB Manager Does Not Issue Warning on a Possible Export File OverwriteNo
12280COLLATE Clause is Case-Sensitive When it Should be Case-InsensitiveNo
12283Editing Large SQL Statements is Slow in the ElevateDB ManagerYes
12285Database Name Qualifiers Being Allowed in CREATE TABLE StatementsNo
12288CREATE TABLE Syntax Incorrect for WITH NO DATA ClauseNo
12289Referencing a Different Database in SELECT Statement Causes Column Binding ErrorNo
12290A SELECT with Duplicate Column Correlation Name that Returns a Sensitive Result Set Causes ErrorYes