Icon New Incident Reports for 1.04

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.04. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12373Design-Time Manipulation of Components Can Cause AVNo
12374Insensitive Query Result Sets Not Using COLLATE Clause in ORDER BY or GROUP BYNo
12375Optimized Partial-Length Filters Not Working Correctly in All CasesYes
22376Opening an Empty TEDBTable, TEDBQuery, or TEDBStoredProc Component with a BLOB Control Causes AVNo
22377Unicode Migrator DLLs Not Working ProperlyNo
22378DELETE or UPDATE Statements that Affect a Large Number of Rows Can Cause Fatal System CrashNo
22379NOT EXISTS Returning Same Results as EXISTSNo
22380Binary Concatenation and Assignment Not Working ProperlyNo
22381Very Slow EXISTS Performance on Larger TablesNo
22386Calling Cancel After a Duplicate Key Exception with a Remote Session Causes Improper Row DisplayYes
22387Sorting a TEDBTable by an Index on a Currency or Boolean Column Can Cause Improper Grid DisplayNo
22388Executing a BACKUP DATABASE Statement Without a DESCRIPTION Clause Causes AVYes
22389#601 Error Can Occur When Querying a View Based Upon a Grouped SELECT StatementNo
22390Using Multi-Select with Grid on DataSet Sorted Using Non-Unique Index Causes Incorrect Row SelectionNo
22391Updating the Same Row Multiple Times Within a Transaction Causes Row Lock ErrorNo
32393MS Help 2 Links Not Working For BDS 2006 and Delphi 2007 IDEsNo
32394ElevateDB Server Limited to 2 Licensed ConnectionsNo
42396Generated C++ Code Invalid for C++Builder Compiler BuildsNo
42397Trying to Alter a Table in the ElevateDB Manager Causes Fatal Shutdown of the ManagerYes
42398Parameterized Queries with ODBC Driver Causing Out of Memory ErrorsYes
42399Backing Up an Older Version Database Catalog with the Latest Version Causes Restore IssuesNo
42400Editing a Row Twice Can Cause #601 Corruption ErrorNo
42402InfoPower RichEdit Dialog Experiences Stream Read ErrorNo
42404Executing Stored Procedures that Return Result Sets Causes AV or No Result SetNo
42405Having an Active OnFilterRecord Event Handler Causes Navigation IssuesNo
42406Optimistic Locking Can Cause Row Unlock Error With Cancel MethodNo
42408Second and Subsequent Executions of Parameterized Queries Causes No Rows to Be ReturnedNo
52410Updates to BLOB Columns Not Working with Remote SessionsYes
52412Stopping the Server with Connected Sessions Causes an AV when the Server is RestartedNo
52413TEDBTable FindKey Method Reporting Matches on Partial-Length StringsNo
62416Newly-Created Jobs Do Not Run on the ElevateDB ServerYes
62417ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN AT With 0 As Position Causes Internal Column Usage InsteadYes
62418Clearing a CLOB Column in a Remote Session Can Cause the CLOB Column to be Filled with GarbageNo
62419CHAR Columns Showing Garbage in Unicode VersionNo
62423Using NOT in a Filter Expression Can Cause AVYes
62424Table Buffering Settings Not Being Permanently Saved to the Database CatalogNo
62426GROUP BY Queries on More than 16 Columns Causes Incorrect ResultsNo
62427Procedures That Return an Insensitive Result Set Can Cause an AVNo

Minor Problems

22382Minor Version Numbers on DBISAM Tables Migrated Incorrectly to EDB Table Version NumbersYes
22383Altering a Table and Cancelling Can Cause AV in EDB ManagerNo
22384Expression Indexes Cause Fatal Error in BDE MigratorNo
22385BDE Migrator Not Setting Collation on Created Tables ProperlyYes
42395Deleting a Previously-Created Migrator DLL from the EDB Manager's Configuration Path Causes ErrorNo
42401Source for Migrator DLLs Not Present in Additional Software and Utilities DownloadNo
42403TEDBSession KeepTablesOpen Property Causes Error During DDL StatementsYes
42407Dropping a Database from a Non-Existent Path Causes ErrorNo
52411DISTINCT Queries Returning Incorrect Results with Sensitive Query Result SetsYes
52414UNION with ORDER BY Does Not Work Without ParenthesesYes
52415SQL Manual Shows Incorrect Syntax for CREATE TABLE AS WITH NO DATANo
62421WITH DATA and WITH NO DATA Clauses for CREATE TABLE AS Should Be MandatoryYes
62422Specifying a MIGRATE DATABASE Parameter Incorrectly Can Cause AVYes
62425Leading Spaces in Column Names Causes Locate to Raise Error Regarding Non-Existent ColumnNo