Icon New Incident Reports for 1.07

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 1.07. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

12509TBlobField.Clear Method Does Not Set Field to NULLNo
12517UPPER and LOWER SQL Functions Not Working Properly with Unicode VersionsNo
12518Database and Configuration Updates Not Creating Backup Copy CorrectlyNo
12519REPAIR TABLE Statement Resets IDENTITY Column Seed ValuesNo
12520Large File Support Setting Not Being RespectedNo
12521Using EXCEPTION Block Without BEGIN..END Block Causes ErrorNo
12522Queries That Return Insensitive Result Sets Cause #600 File Manager Error With Temporary Tables PathNo
12524Installation for RAD Studio 2007 Not Updating Library Search Paths ProperlyYes
22526ALTER DATABASE Statement Allows Path Alteration While Database Is In UseNo
22527SQL Help File Not Registering Properly for MS Help 2No
22529SELECT Statements with JOINs that Reference Other Databases Can Cause AVNo
22530Images Missing from PDF SQL Manual and PDF SQL Manual Missing from VCL ProductsNo
22531Large Reverse-Engineered BLOB Columns Cause Error with ElevateDB Manager SQL EditorNo
22532Restoring a Database from a Backup with an Older Table Version Causes ErrorNo
32533TEDBTable GotoCurrent Method Produces an Invalid Request Error with Remote SessionsNo
32539Migration Modules Not Handling Path Names with Spaces CorrectlyNo
32541Migrating a DBISAM 4 Table with a Primary Key Consisting of the RecordID System Field Causes ErrorNo
32544CONTAINS Conditions Returning Incorrect Results in Certain Cases with AND OperatorsNo
32545TRIM BOTH Function Truncating First CharacterNo
32547ADO.NET Data Provider Returning First Row as Blank Row for Remote SessionsNo
32548Casting a CLOB Column to Text Using .AsString with .NET Data Provider Returns Invalid DataNo
32610MIN and MAX Aggregate Functions Not Working Properly on VARCHAR or CHAR ColumnsNo

Minor Problems

12510Moving Columns in ElevateDB Manager During ALTER TABLE Is Not Reflected in Columns DisplayYes
12512Forward Slashes in Product Names Causes Issues with Windows Add/Remove Programs InterfaceNo
12513Example Applications Don't Compile Cleanly with Unicode VersionNo
12514Deleting Text Beyond End of File Can Cause List Index Out of Bounds Error in SQL EditorNo
125161011 Conversion Error Occurring When CASTing Floating-Point Value to IntegerYes
22525Parameter Input Dialog Not Handling Multiple Same-Named Parameters ProperlyNo
22528OnProgress Events Firing Incorrectly for CREATE TABLE AS StatementNo
32535Errors in Dynamic SQL Statements in Routines Returning Improper Line and Column InformationNo
32536Opening Several Tables and then Closing the Database in the ElevaetDB Manager Can Cause an AVNo
32537Altering an Index in the ElevateDB Manager Using the Properties Right-Click Menu Can Cause AVNo
32538Manual States Improper Precision for DECIMAL and NUMERIC TypesNo
32540Execution Plan Tab Appears When It Shouldn't During Execution of ScriptsNo
32542ElevateDB Manager SQL Editor Needs More Exact Click ResponseNo
32543Breaking Up Long Lines in SQL Editor with Carriage Return Causes Improper Painting of LinesNo
32546Closing and Re-Opening a Query Does Not Refresh MetaData Changes to Configuration or CatalogNo