Icon New Incident Reports for 2.11

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.11. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

13669ROUND Function Not Working Correctly with Floating-Point NumbersYes
13671LIKE Operator Not Working Correctly with ADO.NET Data ProviderNo
13673C++Builder Installations Missing .LIB FilesNo
23680Simple MAX() Aggregate Queries Returning Same as MIN() Aggregate Queries with Descending IndexesNo
23681Delphi XE3 Builds Can Experience AVs During InsertsNo
23683LIKE Operator Can Cause AV If Pattern Being Searched For Is Much Larger than Search Column/ValueNo
33730Trying to Drop a Column with References to Itself Causes Dependency ErrorNo
33731Trying to Read the Same Store File from Multiple Sessions Can Cause 1306 File Read ErrorNo
33732AppendRecord Method Not Working in Delphi/C++Builder XE3No
33733Altering a Table and Changing the Index Page Size Does Not Rebuild Indexes ProperlyYes
33734Using an Expression from an Updateable View in a SELECT with a Sensitive Result Set Causes ErrorYes
33735TField AsBytes Property Not Working Correctly with Delphi XE3No
33738Altering a Table to Add a Generated Column that Refers to the Same Table via a Function Causes ErrorNo
33741SELECT Queries with Invalid Right Outer Join Conditions Can Cause LockupNo
33742Verifying Tables with More Than 8,388,609 BLOB Blocks Causes Invalid Verification ErrorNo
33744Executing a Stored Procedure that Returns a Cursor Twice Can Cause AV on Second Cursor CloseNo
33757Altering a Primary Key Constraint that is the Target of Foreign Key Constraints Disables ChecksNo
33887Views Being Unnecessarily Validated During DROP VIEW ExecutionNo

Minor Problems

13668CLOB Editor Appears in ElevateDB Manager When Clicking on Execution PlansNo
13672Executing a Query with Sub-Queries Containing Parameters and Requesting Execution Plan Causes AVNo
23682TRUNC() Function Not Working Correctly with All Floating-Point ValuesNo
23684Table Created with CREATE TABLE FROM UPDATES Statement Can Cause AV During Direct Table OpenYes
23685Interval and Integer Comparisons in Join Conditions Can Cause Value Conversion Error if Join FlippedYes
33736Trying to Drop a User that has Granted Privileges on Database Objects Causes Dependency ErrorYes
33737ElevateDB Manager Restricting VARCHAR/CHAR Parameter Lengths to 512 Instead of 1024No
33739LIST Function Producing Result with Different Collation than Input ParameterYes
33740SQL Manual Documentation for STMTRESULT SQL/PSM Function IncorrectNo
33743Ambiguous ORDER BY Clause Can Cause Odd Results with UNIONed QueriesYes
33745ElevateDB Default Text Indexing Not Including Extended Unicode Characters Beyond ASCII RangeNo