Icon New Incident Reports for 2.16

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.16. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14017CreateSQL Columns in System Information Tables Truncated at Last Two CharactersNo
14020Mixing Optimized and Un-Optimized OR and AND Conditions Can Cause Incorrect ResultsNo
14022Session Temporary Tables Setting Not Being Saved Properly in the ElevateDB ManagerNo
14024SQL TRUNC() Function Rounding Instead of TruncatingNo
14025Cache Modules Setting Causing Locking Errors and Module Load ErrorsNo
24034Unicode NexusDB Migrator Failing When Trying to Migrate DatabasesNo
24035Cannot Create Remote Store in ElevateDB Manager that Connects to Unicode ElevateDB ServerNo
24041Custom Word Generators Not Working Correctly with Non-English LocalesNo
24043Reading Byte/VarByte Field Values Using Delphi XE3 or Higher Can Cause Invalid ResultsNo
24047Computed Columns Not Being Handled Properly When Loading Replication UpdatesNo
24048DBISAM 4 Migrator DLL Displays Trial Version Dialog When LoadedNo
24099Query Optimizer Not Selecting the Least Cost When Determining How to Execute a WHERE ClauseNo

Minor Problems

24042ElevateDB Manager Table Creation Dialog Showing Invalid PromptNo
24044ElevateDB Manager Allows Invalid Jobs to Be Created via the Job DialogNo
24046ElevateDB Manager Not Using Default Character Set Setting for New SessionsNo