Icon New Incident Reports for 2.24

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.24. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14384Heavy Load on ElevateDB Server Can Cause Excessive Thread CreationNo
24419ElevateDB Server Can Experience a #505 Error Message During ShutdownNo
24420Using ANSI External Modules with Unicode-Compiled Application Results in Missing Error MesagesNo
24421Using IFNULL Functions with a Parameter in the First Argument Can Result in Error #1011No
24422Trying to Modify a Column Involved in a Computed BLOB Column Causes "Field Cannot Be Modified" ErrorNo
24423ElevateDB Manager Not Showing a Progress Bar Correctly When Running on Windows 10No
24424Using aParameter in an IFNULL Function in the WHERE Clause Can Cause Incorrect SELECT Query ResultsNo
24425Migrating a Database from ElevateDB ANSI to Unicode Results in a Collation ErrorNo
24427REVOKE ALL Statement Does Not Work on Database Objects Like Tables and ViewsYes
24428The ElevateDB Server Can Experience an AV in the Server UI Under Heavy LoadNo
24429TEDBSession Component Can Experience an AV During Destruction via Component Removal NotificationsNo
24439Invalid BLOB Version Numbers in Rows Not Being Repaired ProperlyNo
34436ElevateDB ODBC Driver Not Handling Decimal Values ProperlyNo
34485UPPER() SQL Not Working Properly with Certain Languages Like Turkish with Different Upper/LowerNo
34486SELECT Statement that Only Selects Expressions and Aggregates Causing Error with ORDER BYNo
34487Lazarus 1.6 Encountering Compilation ErrorsNo
34488Executing the Create Database Migrators Option in the ElevateDB Manager Twice Results in ErrorNo
34493Partial-Comparison LIKE Conditions in WHERE Clause Not Optimized ProperlyNo
34494ElevateDB Manager Not Showing Progress Updates Properly for SQL Window ExecutionNo
34495MIGRATE DATABASE Not Handling NAN Float Values ProperlyNo

Minor Problems

14382Reverse Engineering and COMPARE DATABASE Statement Not Generating Code for View IndexesNo
14383DBISAM 4 Migrator Using Trial Version of DBISAM Database EngineNo
34489Remote Trace Execution Times are Incorrect for the TEDBSession OnRemoteTrace EventNo
34490Save Updates Option in the ElevateDB Manager Incorrectly Including Colons in the Default File NameYes
34491ElevateDB Manager Does Not Respect Cancel Selection During Close and Save of New Query or ScriptNo
34492REPAIR TABLE Statement Not Fixing Cross-Linked Index CorruptionYes