Icon New Incident Reports for 2.26

The following is a list of the new incidents reported for version 2.26. Click on the incident # in order to view the details of the incident report.

Serious Problems

14530JOININDEXTHRESHHOLD Optimization Can Cause WHERE Conditions to Return Incorrect RowsYes
14531Single-Table SELECT Statement with MAX Expression and WHERE Clause Returns Incorrect ResultsNo
24560Queries Generating Sensitive Results Using Row Scans When They Shouldn'tNo
34575Altering a Table in a Database with Dependent Views Can Result in a Table Checksum MismatchNo
34576COMPARE DATABASE Generating Incorrect Statement Terminators for ALTER StatementsNo
4458464-bit Components for RAD Studio XE8 Incorrectly Updating 32-bit Library Search PathsYes
44585Using Only Multiple Wildcard (%) Characters in LIKE Expressions Causes Blank Values to be ExcludedYes
44586Views that Select From Updateable Views with Sub-Query Expressions in SELECT List Can Cause AVNo
44587SQL/PSM Variables Can Be Declared with Default Expressions That Are Not Type-CompatibleNo
44594Restoring a Database and Creating/Publishing a Table with Files Already on Disk Can Cause ErrorYes
54590Querying an Updateable View with Sub-Query SELECT Expressions Can Cause AVNo
64591Internal Temporary Tables Store Causing Intermittent Lock ErrorsNo
64592Using the LIKE Operator with an Empty String Can Cause an AVNo
64593ODBC Driver Not Reading Ansi BLOBs Correctly with Unicode Client ApplicationsNo
74603Ctrl-T Shortcut Keys Not Working Properly in EDB Manager SQL EditorNo
74604Cannot Use Outer Query Table Correlation Names in UNIONed QueryNo
74605Interval Operations Resulting in Incorrect Interval Sub-TypesNo
74607Year-Month and Day-Time Intervals Cannot Be Used with the STDDEV Aggregate FunctionNo
74608Cached Updates Causing Error #1007 Errors when BLOB Columns are EditedNo
74609Default Expressions for DECLARE SQL/PSM Statements Not Being Properly Type-CheckedNo

Minor Problems

74606ElevateDB Manager Not Allowing For Proper Input of Year-Month and Day-Time Interval ValuesNo