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Serious Serious
Reported By: Warren Ashman
Reported On: 4/16/1998
For: Version 0.06 Build 1
# 97 Deletion of Records in Delphi 1.02 Causing a Key Not Found Error

After copying a following master-child-grandchild relationship, I experience the following problems: First attempt to delete a child record works, after which the next delete fails due to key not found in index file #8708, attempting the delete again results in a record lock error #10258 in one of the grandchild tables. I can delete other child records however. The error is reproducible when there are 12 or more records in the child table.

Comments Comments
Originally thought was caused by previous bug where secondary index keys not getting updated properly and believed bug to be fixed in Test Release 7. This was incorrect, the bug was only present under Delphi 16 and was related to Delphi 1.02 not providing enough resolution in timestamp functions which as causing problems with multiple TTable components pointing to the same physical data file in the same application not "seeing" each other's changes.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 4/29/1998 in version 0.08 build 1