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Serious Serious
Reported By: Luiz Marques
Reported On: 2/5/1999
For: Version 1.09 Build 1
# 278 String Field with Length Greater Than 250 Bytes Not Working Properly

I'm having wierd problems with a 255 char string field.

This should reproduce the problem:

1) Create a table with two string fields, the first's length is 255 and the second is 10.
2) In DBSys type directly into both fields, using autoedit.

The first field turns blank when you exit it, the other is all right. If you manually Ok the record, it disappears anyway. This happens in any program, not only in DBSYS.

Am I missing something? I've just converted a program that worked fine with BDE to DBISAM. Now a autoedit with 255 chars disappears when you leave it.

I'm assuming something happened when the strings got extended from 245.

P.S. I've just exit dbsys after this problem happening a few times. There was an Invalid Pointer Operation message and then a EAccessViolation when it closed. It then stopped responding and I had to kill the process.

Comments Comments
We bumped up the string field size to far (255 bytes), and have now moved it back down to 250 bytes as the maximum allowable string field size.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 2/5/1999 in version 1.10 build 1