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Serious Serious
Reported By: Robert Schiller
Reported On: 2/20/1999
For: Version 1.12 Build 1
# 314 Committing Transactions Causing Corrupted Data File Headers

My customer was entering Sales records and then got an error 9729. I ran repair:

Repair of data file C:\MRep\Data\sales.DAT started at 2/20/99 11:05:39 AM...
C:\MRep\Data\sales.DAT - Physical record count not correct, error fixed...
C:\MRep\Data\sales.DAT - Invalid next available record ID (auto-increment),
error fixed...
Repair of data file C:\MRep\Data\sales.DAT ended at 2/20/99 11:11:56 AM...

In the Sales table, I have an autoincrement field, RecNo and it's the primary index. Any idea as to what could have happened?

Comments Comments
This problem only occurred when you had two TDBISAMTable components hooked to the same TDBISAMDatabase component, and then started and committed transaction for the TDBISAMDatabase component. Problem was due to DBISAM over-writing one table component's changes (the proper table) with another's (the table that was not changed). This problem DID CAUSE HEADER CORRUPTION IN THE DATA FILE. If you experienced this problem you should immediately run a repair on the data file(s) in question and be sure to upgrade to the 1.13 release.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 2/26/1999 in version 1.13 build 1