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Serious Serious
Reported By: Herbert Schlup
Reported On: 2/21/1999
For: Version 1.12 Build 1
# 317 Combining a Filter with a Range is Not Working Properly

Sorry, but there is another problem I like to have an answer from you. I send you an example application. There are 2 tables. The first are the articles, and the second are the prices for the articles with a date
starting from (gueltigab) and a date ending at (gueltigbis). If i use a Filter on the second table, filtering the date for the actual price it's working. But if I move to another Record on the first Table, the second Table rests empty. Except I close and reopen the second Table. Is this a bug in DBISAM? (I don't like always to close and reopen this table...)

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 2/27/1999 in version 1.13 build 1