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Serious Serious
Reported By: Rob Kittredge
Reported On: 10/14/1999
For: Version 1.17 Build 1
# 478 Setting a TQuery or TDBISAMQuery Component to Active at Design-Time in Delphi 1 Causes 202 Error

I have encountered a serious problem that didn't happen with the earlier version, 1.16. With 1.17, any query I try to run against any table results in a runtime error 202 at 000c:7f6d immediately upon setting Active to True, which then causes Delphi to exit ungracefully.

Comments Comments and Workarounds
Problem was caused by insufficient stack space for the component library in Delphi 1.02. DBISAM requires a significant amount of stack space when processing queries, especially during parsing. Because we cannot change the stack size used by the component library (and Delphi) we were forced to simply put in a warning message if you try to set a TQuery or TDBISAMQuery component to Active at design-time and prevent the action.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/16/1999 in version 1.18 build 1