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Serious Serious
Reported By: Greg Dalhoff
Reported On: 9/29/2001
For: Version 3.01 Build 1
# 884 ImportTable Method Not Working Properly in Several Ways

I'm using v3.01 with source on a Win 98 SE computer. I've encountered a number of problems with the text import feature.
First, when importing into a float field, I found that a decimal point must be preceded by at least one digit, including adding a zero if the number is less than 1, otherwise I get the message '' is not a valid integer value

Second, a negative number raises the same error upon import, unless the number is delimited with single or double quotes.

Third, the app appears to recognize single and double quotes as delimiters even if they are not specified

Finally, it bombs with a message that iDBISAM is looking for a delimiter after approx 32 KB is read.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/1/2001 in version 3.02 build 1