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Serious Serious
Reported By: Oliver Bock
Reported On: 6/21/2004
For: Version 3.29 Build 1
# 1818 Adding SQL WHERE Join Conditions to Existing JOIN Conditions Can Cause Internal Join Error

If I run the following code on DBISAM v4.08 I get the error

Internal join error - table correlation name "B2" is target of multiple join condititions in WHERE or JOIN clause

select T.id
  from T
  join B1 on T.id = B1.id
  join B2 on T.id = B2.id
 where B1.val = B2.val

Workaround with WHERE clause:

 where if(B1.val = B2.val, true, false)

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/22/2004 in version 3.30 build 1