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Serious Serious
Reported By: Andrew Shinn
Reported On: 5/28/2004
For: Version 4.05 Build 1
# 1739 Restoring Encrypted Tables From a Backup Can Result in an Uncompress Error

I'm having Restore problems. I ran some tests and here is what I found. All tests were done with DBSys 4.07 running in local mode. I've attached a log file as well.

1) Using DBSys, I created a new table. I was able to backup it up (compressed) and restore it successfully.

2) I added a table not created with 4.07 and made another backup (compressed) with the two tables. It restored just fine.

3) I made a backup (compressed) with a list of 63 tables. Some of the tables are encrypted but most are not. Restore fails. It failed on table "clerk" (error 15002) which is encrypted.

4) Thinking that the problem might be old tables (pre 4.07), I repaired then optimized all 63 tables. Made a backup. Then attempted the restore. Same failure.

5) When I restore from a non-compressed archive, no error.

Comments Comments
The restore operation was not accounting for an expansion of the file size after compression (caused by encryption), and was only expecting to read a certain number of bytes into a temp buffer before decompression.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 5/29/2004 in version 4.08 build 1