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Serious Serious
Reported By: G Patena
Reported On: 7/13/2004
For: Version 4.08 Build 1
# 1782 Trying to Add or Delete a User Using the Kylix-Compiled Database Server Causes the a Hang

When we run dbsrvr in Kylix3/Redhat8, it starts properly. We then connected using srvadmin (w2k/compiled with dbIsam4.08) from w2k system. Whenever we add user or delete a user, both srvadmin/onW2k and dbsrvr/on Kylix hangs.

Comments Comments
The AnsiCompareStr function was returning an unexpected value that was different from what the Delphi compiler returned, which caused a binary search of a list to go into an endless loop.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 7/15/2004 in version 4.09 build 1