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Serious Serious
Reported By: Olaf Kraschinski
Reported On: 9/23/2004
For: Version 4.10 Build 1
# 1848 Database Server Dead Sessions Not Being Cleaned Up and Scheduled Events Not Firing Under Linux

After Timeout Session automatic disconnected. This is correct. But dead session will not be cleared. I think, the Timerthread will not do be fire on Timerevents. Event "DeadSessionTimerTimer" wiill not be called (Debug-Braekpoint)

I have Kylix 3.0 on Suse-Linux 9.0.
Timeout=90 Sec
DeadSession Interval=60 Sec
DeadSession Expires 60 Sec

Comments Comments
The sem_timedwait calls were not working properly, so the POSIX semaphore usage had to be converted to using the pthread condition variable calls instead.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 9/27/2004 in version 4.11 build 1