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Reported By: Aldo Caruso
Reported On: 6/8/2005
For: Version 4.21 Build 2
# 2071 DBISAM Design-Time Package Contains Unnecessary DBISAMUT Unit Reference

I'm using dbsys program, which in the 4.20 version takes its parameters from the dbsys.ini file. I found that if the program is compiled using packages, it takes its parameters from the 420d5r.ini file instead.

Digging into the code I found that the isssue is with the procedure ReadVersionInformation of the unit dbisamut. It returns the
AppVersionInformation.FileNameRoot as the name of the package instead of the name of the application itself. This value is ussed by the ReadEngineSettings(AppDir,FileNameRoot) procedure, which explains why the 420d5r.ini is used. Inside the ReadVersionInformation procedure, the FileNameRoot is taken from OSGetModuleFileName, which doesn't return the appliction file name but the package file name.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 6/9/2005 in version 4.21 build 3

Products Affected Products Affected
DBISAM Additional Software and Utilities