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Minor Minor
Reported By: Yavuz Odemir
Reported On: 7/20/2012
For: Version 2.09 Build 1
# 3610 Recompiling ElevateDB Manager with Delphi XE2 for ANSI Usage Causes AV During File Load/Save

I did some small changes oni edbmgr Ansi version and re-compiled it. After re-compiling, AV error occurs continuously during the file saving and loading operations. This error raised on SaveToFile and LoadFromFile procedures of TEDBString component.

I am using Delphi XE2.

Comments Comments
The issue was in the edbutilcomps.pas unit - the inherited Create method is not being properly called for the special TStrings descendant in the editor control in the EDB Manager.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 7/21/2012 in version 2.10 build 1

Products Affected Products Affected
ElevateDB Additional Software and Utilities