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Serious Serious
Reported By: Barry McClure
Reported On: 3/14/2014
For: Version 2.16 Build 1
# 4024 SQL TRUNC() Function Rounding Instead of Truncating

The following SQL is producing: 1.89

Shouldn't it be 1.88? It looks like it is rounding the number to 2 decimal places as if I had executed Round(1.8888,2) .

select Trunc(1.8888,2)

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 3/15/2014 in version 2.16 build 2

Products Affected Products Affected
ElevateDB Additional Software and Utilities
ElevateDB DAC Client-Server
ElevateDB DAC Client-Server with Source
ElevateDB DAC Standard
ElevateDB DAC Standard with Source
ElevateDB DAC Trial
ElevateDB LCL Standard with Source
ElevateDB PHP Standard
ElevateDB PHP Standard with Source
ElevateDB PHP Trial
ElevateDB VCL Client-Server
ElevateDB VCL Client-Server with Source
ElevateDB VCL Standard
ElevateDB VCL Standard with Source
ElevateDB VCL Trial