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Serious Serious
Reported By: Serendimenthe [Serendimenthe]
Reported On: 5/11/2014
For: Version 2.16 Build 2
# 4035 Cannot Create Remote Store in ElevateDB Manager that Connects to Unicode ElevateDB Server

Using EDBMgr GUI to create remote store can cause "Stream signature is invalid" error, even if both EDB Session and Remote DB are set to the same Character Set.

It is still possible to create a remote store using EDB SQL Statement

Steps to reproduce:

Use EDBMgr.

Right click on Stores select "Create new store", and continue through process until you select the list of stores on the final page of the wizard.

Error occurs if the store being created is remote.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 5/12/2014 in version 2.17 build 1

Products Affected Products Affected
ElevateDB Additional Software and Utilities