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Serious Serious
Reported By: codealfa [Code Omega Kft]
Reported On: 9/7/2020
For: Version 2.31 Build 13
# 4783 OPTIMIZE TABLE Does Not Use a Covering Lock While Backing Up/Replacing Table Files

Sometimes (almost every month) we lost data at our clients because during run the "optimize table" from a table another app try to open (more times after a pause) the same table. We got error codes 300, 600 in Eventlog.

It seems there is a moment when the old table file nowhere, and the "open table" creates a good, but empty table, and the optimize table cannot rename the good, optimized temp table to the good filename.

Comments Comments
It's generally not recommended that you run the OPTIMIZE TABLE statement on production tables with active users. Rather this type of operations is better left to off-hours or weekends when usage is low or non-existent.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 10/8/2020 in version 2.33 build 1