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Minor Minor
Reported By: Mark Culos [Blackberry Civil Works]
Reported On: 9/12/2012
For: Version 1.00 Build 1
# 3624 Minor IDE Keyboard Usage Issues Present

The keyboard shortcut Alt-P is specified for both the Project and Page menus.

If I have the Welcome, Online Manual, and then projects/units pages open, the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Tab and Shift-Ctrl-Tab allow me to move between the Welcome and Online Manual. I can also move to the first open project/unit page, but once there the shortcuts no longer functions.

When focus is on the Project or Dataset Manager, there is no keyboard option to open units/databases (e.g., Enter would be my choice and a context menu would do the trick).

Tab and Shift-Tab allows me to move between the Object Inspector, and the Project Manager. If I first click in the DataSet Manager, it is possible to use Tab to move to it from the Project Manager. Tab from the DataSet Manager, if Messages is visiable and there are messages in the pane does take me to Messages, but that is where the chain ends.

Resolution Resolution
Fixed Problem on 11/5/2012 in version 1.01 build 3

Products Affected Products Affected
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